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PUFF-PUFF( Traditional round doughnuts)

250g/8oz plain flour
pinch of salt
7g fresh yeast
45g sugar
25g butter
2 egg yolk
150 ml water or palm wine
drop of vanilla essence
fat for deep frying

Sift the flour into a clean bowl. Rub the butter the flour and make well in the centre. Cream together the yeast and the sugar, mix in the eggs,. the water or palm-wine and vanilla essence. Pour this into the well in the flour. Using the finger mix together gradually drawing in the surrounding flour.Using the finger tips, mix well into a dropping consistency. Scoop a little at a time in the hollow of your fingers and fry in hot oil on moderate heat. Depending on the pot ,fry up to six puffs at a time . Serve hot or cold.


Courtesy of Laura Edet