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Owo Soup serves 4
Traditional Benin soup cooked and served in earthenware pots and serve as accompaniment to boiled yam or plantain.

500g / llb smoked fish (washed)
250g / 8oz fresh tomatoes (ground)
lOOg / 4oz fresh chffiies (ground)
lOOg/4oz ground crayfish
6tablespoon palmoil
§g kan (potash)
3giro ( locust bean )
600mi / 1 pint water taste

Pour the stock into a clean pot, add the washed fish and rest of the ingredients except the oil. Season, cover and cook for 10-15 minutes. Re move pot from heat allow to cool for 10 minutes then gradually stir in the oil until it is thick in conistency and golden yellow in colour. Adjust seasoning and serve.


Courtesy of Laura Edet