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GBEGIRI serves 4-6

Bean stew
450g / llb white or red beans
6 fresh chillies (liquidise)
2 medium onions ( liquidise)
450g / llb fresh tomatoes ( liquidise)
I kg / 21b dry smoked fish
3 tablespoon tomato puree
I oz iru (locust bean)
200ml / 7/7 oz palm-oil
2ltr / 4pts stock
225g / 8oz ground crayfish
salt to taste

To skin beans: Soak beans for 20 minutes. Rub and squeeze together with both hands to peel the skin off the beans. Continue rubbing and rinsing until all the skin is removed. Boil the skinned beans for 35 minutes until soft and almost cooked. Add the rest of the ingredients and more stock. Simmer for another 20minutes , see that the beans has turned into a smooth paste and that the ingredients are well blended into it. Season to taste





Courtesy of Laura Edet