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ALAPA ( Palm-oil stew)

Posted by on 2/20/2003 7:46:15 AM |

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ALAPA ( Palm-oil stew)

ALAPA ( Palm-oil stew) serves 4

This is the real traditional stew commonly served in the villages and by the roadside food hawkers. The contrast in taste in comparison with any other stew due to the palm-oil used is deliciously mouth watering.

I kg / 2 lb fresh beef (cubed)
I kg / 2 lb fresh tomatoes
1 OOg / 4oz fresh peppers
2 medium size onions
I small tin tomatoe puree
150ml 5fl oz palm-oil
salt to taste

Stockfish or fresh fish could also be used instead of meat.

Wash the cubed pieces of meat. Place in a clean pot, season with salt and some sliced onions. Heat oil in a clean pot and fry the ground ingredients for 10 minutes. Add tomato puree and stir in thoroughly. Finally add the cooked meat and meat stock. Stir thoroughly allow to simmer through for 15 minutes.

Remove from the fire and serve with boiled rice or yam. It can also be combined with ewedu or okro sauce and serve with eba or amala.





Courtesy of Laura Edet