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UKPO serves 8
This is a traditional dish from the eastern states of Nigeria, made with over-ripe Plantain and served with fried pepper sauce.

1 kg/2lb over-ripe plantain
150g/6oz plantain flour
2 medium fresh pepper (ground)
I small onion (ground)
4 tablespoon palm-oil
salt to taste
8 washed leaves or tin foil for wrapping

Mash the over ripen plantain in a bowl or in food processor Stir in the plantain flour and the rest of the ingredients. Mix thoroughly. Using a soup spoon, dish one or two spoonfuls onto individually prepared leaves or tin foil and arrange on a steamer or cooking pot half filled with boiling water. Steam for 45 minutes to 1 hour until cooked. Test by sticking a skewer or small knife into one. If it comes out clean, the ukpo is cooked. Serve warm with fried pepper sauce.


Courtesy of Laura Edet