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ADALU (Beans and sweetcorn pottage)

Posted by on 2/24/2003 9:03:36 AM |

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ADALU (Beans and sweetcorn pottage)

ADALU(Beans and sweetcorn pottage) serves 4

225g/8oz beans
225g/8oz corn (picked from the cob)
I onion (sliced)
3 fresh tomatoes (sliced)
2 tablespoon ground crayfish
2 sawa (smoked dry fish)
1 lt/ 2pt water
3 tablespoon palm-oil
salt to taste.

Pick over the beans and sweetcorn, throwing out any stones or pieces of grit. Wash and cook the corn in water till soft, add the beans and salt to taste. Cook until soft and pulpy approximately 40 minutes adding more water if necessary. Add the sliced peppers, onions anc tomatoes stirring frequently to avoid burning. Remove skin and bones from sawa and flake into small pieces. Add to the beans together with ground crayfish and palm-oil. Check seasoning and stir well. Allow to simmer for 10 minutes. Serve with fried ata sauce.


Courtesy of Laura Edet