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OBE EJA TUTU serves 4 Fresh fish stew

This simple and delicious dish is a favourite amongst the Westerners particularly the Lagos Islanders
The legendary Obokun fish is usually used although any other large fresh fish will produce the same
results but not in taste.

I large fish (preferably Obokun)
450g/I lb fresh tomatoes
22 5g / 8oz fresh chillies
3 tablespoon tomatoes puree
1 large Onions
2 lemons
190ml / 6fl oz groundnut-oil
pinch of thyme and curry
salt to taste

Clean and cut the fish into medium size pieces and wash thoroughly with the lemons. Place in a bowl and season with salt, thyme and curry. Leave aside for 15-20minutes to absorb seasoning. Grind the tomatoes, onions and peppers. Heat oil in a pot, pour in the ground ingredients and cook for 20 minutes until fairly reduced. Blend in the tomato puree, add the marinated pieces offish, season and cook for 20minutes stirring gently to avoid breaking up the fish.
Check seasoning and serve.


Courtesy of Laura Edet