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Governor: Sule Lamido (PDP)

Deputy Governor: Ahmed Mahmoud Gumel

Date Created: August 27, 1991

Main Towns: Hadejia, Kazaure, Gumel, Ringim and Dutse.

Jigawa State was created in 1991 by the Ibrahim Babangida Administration. jigawa State shares borders with Kano and Katsina States to the west, Bauchi to the south, Yobe State to the east and Republic of Niger to the north.

The state has 27 local government areas namely: Dutse, Birnin -Kudu, Gwaran, Kiyawa, Kirikasamma, MalamMadori, Jahun, Kafin Hausa, Kazaure, Roni, Ringim, Garkin, Babura, Kaugama, Sule Tankarkar, Taura, Gwiwa, Bosuwa, Anyo, Yankwasin, Buji, Miga and Guri.

It is in the region of Sahel Savannah with most of the state lying with the desert except for some parts of the southern borders where traces of green vegetation are noticeable. The climate in Jigawa State is arduous with rapid changes in temperature and humidity. The weather could change suddenly with humidity rising rapidly up to 100% in an area considered characteristically dry. There are two seasons in Jigawa State namely: rainy season and dry seasons with the dry season lasting from October to May and the rainy season lasting between June to September.

Jigawa State is mainly agricultural. About 90% of the population is engaged in farming. The state's agricultural policy includes assistance to small and medium scale farmers in the area of tractor-hiring services and seed multiplication schemes. The Hadejia River valley continues to contribute to the realization of these objectives particularly in the area of wheat production programme.

The state is known for leather works, textiles, crafts, rice production, and bakeries. The state being on the trans Saharan Trade Route also enjoys interchange of trades and commerce from neighboring countries close to Nigerian borders.

Jigawa State is blessed with mineral resources: they are kaolin, tourmaline, amethyst, marl stones, potash, solice, iron ore, copper, gold, white quartz, refractory clay and antimony.

Education is a priority of the state and consequently the school enrolment is annually on the increase. Total school enrolment for 1996 stood at 359,687 for primary schools, while that for secondary schools was 24,033. the Jigawa State Polytechnic with campuses at Kazaure, Ringim and Hadejia had already taken off. The state has one College of Education at Gumel.

Since the creation of Jigawa State, efforts have been geared towards providing drinking water to the capital which is experiencing an upsurge in population and commercial activities. To this end, a dam has been constructed on Iggi River and to date a total of 380 water supply projects have been undertaken in the state.

Jigawa State lays emphasis on the development and promotion of its tourist potentials. Plans are now underway to provide the historic Birnin Kudu Roca painting site with recreation and leisure facilities. The Wawan Rafi lake and the Magatari Tourist camp will also be provided with similar facilities. The age-old Dyina pits at Ringim, Hadejia are being resuscitated, and the standard of the Catering Rest Houses at Hadejia, Gumel, Kazaure, Birnin-Kudu as well as the newly built Ringim White Motel would be improved.

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