Federal Ministry of Environment

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Federal Ministry of Environment
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Establishment of the National Environmental Standards and Regulations Enforcement Agency (NESREA)

Federal Ministry Of Environment, Housing And Urban
Development, Headquarters,
Mabushi, Abuja

Telephone: 09 6712537, 09 6721603
E-mail: jodey@nigeria.gov.ng


To ensure a Nigeria that develops in harmony with the environment


To ensure the environmental protection and natural resource conservation and management for sustainable development


The primary mandate of the Ministry is to achieve environmental objectives as enunciated in section 20 of the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. The main responsibility of the Ministry is "to protect and improve water, air, land, forest and wildlife of Nigeria". The immediate policy thrust of the Ministry is guided by the environmental agenda of this administration called, Environmental renewal and Development Initiative (ERDI). The primary objectives of the ERDI are to take full inventory of our natural resources, assess the level of environmental damage and design and implement restoration and rejuvenation measures; and to evolve and implement additional measures to halt further degradation of our environment. The broad responsibility to the Ministry as elaborated in the National Policy on Environment is to coordinate environmental protection and natural resources conservation for sustainable development, and specifically:

Secure a quality of environment adequate for good health and well-being;
Conserve and use the environment and natural resources for the benefit of present and future generations;
Restore, maintain and enhance the Ecosystems and Ecological processes essential for the functioning of the biosphere so as to preserve biological diversity and the principle of optimum sustainable yield in the use of living natural resources and ecosystem;
Raise public awareness and promote understanding of the essential linkages between the environment and development and encourage individual and community participation in environmental improvement efforts; and
Co-operate in good faith with other countries, international organizations and agencies to achieve optimal use of trans-boundary natural resources and effective prevention or abatement of trans -boundary environment degradation.


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