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Governor: Mohammed Danjuma Goje (PDP)

Deputy Governor: John Lazarus Yoriyo

Date Created: October 1, 1996

Capital: Gombe

Main Towns: Gombe Kaltungo

Gombe State was created by the Abacha Administration on October 1, 1996.

The state was carved out of Bauchi state. Gombe state shares boundaries with Yobe state to the north, Bomo and Adamawa states to the east and Bauchi state to the west and Taraba State to the south.

Gombe state has 11 local government areas. They are Akko, Balanga, Billiri, Dukku, Kaltungo, Kwami, Shomgom, Funakaye, Gombe, Nafada/Bajoga and Yamaltu/Delta.

Gombe is blessed with a lot of human and material resources and a great potential for economic development. One of the industries in the state is the Gombe Oil seeds Company.

The people of Gombe grow crops like millet, corn, rice and guinea corn. Their method of farming is irrigation farming with the help of dams.

The government of Gombe provides health services for the people. There are hospitals, private clinics and health centres in the state.

Education is a top priority in the state. There are a number of primary and secondary schools. There is also a tertiary college in the state - Federal College of Education Gombe.