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Lanre Dabiri, (born May 23, 1977) better known by his stage name Eldee, stylized as eLDee, is a Nigerian American rapper, record producer and architect. "Lanre" is a diminutive for the Yoruba name "Olanrewaju" (meaning "My wealth is the future"). eLDee studied Architecture at the University of Lagos, Nigeria. He is an original member of the band Trybesmen, which was started in 1998 with rappers KB and Freestyle. He has been based in Atlanta, USA since 2002.

He hails from Ife in Osun state of Nigeria

Music career


In 1998, eLDee and his high school friend "Kaboom" teamed up with "Freestyle", and the group Trybesmen was born. Subsequently, eLDee founded his own independent label, Trybe Records, to support the group. They had two hit singles in 1999; "Trybal Marks" and "Shake Bodi". Trybesmen’s debut album was released shortly afterward, titled L.A.G. Style.

Solo recordings

After moving to the United States in 2002, eLDee recorded a solo album titled Long Time Coming and followed up with Return of the King in 2006. The latter album earned various nominations and awards for both videos and songs, including the Nigerian Entertainment Award for "Best International Album".

His songs include "I go yarn", "Champion", "African Chiquito" and "Bosi Gbangba". eLDee has produced and directed numerous videos both for Nigerian and international artists.

Trybe Records

Trybe Records developed artists such as Sasha, who won the Kora’s Most Promising Artist Award in 2004, 2Shots, Trybesmen, eLDee, Lequse, olaDele, Timi, Proto and Sid, who is now a member of the Mo-hits Records label.

eLDee came up with a collaboration of all the artists on the record label and named them Da Trybe. They produced singles "Work it out" and "Oya" in 2002, and the album BIG Picture in 2005.

 Long Time Coming

Long Time Coming is the debut album by Eldee, it was released in 2004.

 Return Of The King

Return Of The King is the second album by Eldee. It was released in 2006, and contains the single I Go Yarn.’

 Big Boy

Big Boy is the third album by Eldee, released in 2008 and was originally titled "Evolution".

Is It Your Money

eLDee's fourth album is titled "Is it your money Vol.1" and was released in 2010.

Personal life

eLDee (Lanre Dabiri) and his long-term partner, Dolapo Latinwo-Belo married in November 2008 and together they have a daughter.
[edit] Discography
Main article: Eldee discography


    * 2004: Long Time Coming
    * 2006: Return Of The King
    * 2008: Big Boy
    * 2010: Is It Your Money?


    * 2000: L.A.G Style
    * 2004: The Big Picture (Trybe Records Album)
    * 2009: The Champion: The Hits

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This is a great piece of history, which is dear to our hearts as people and very much appreciated.

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