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Femi is an engaging actor whose veratility never fails to leave his audience spell-bound. He is one of Nollywood's leading-men and never faills to set hearts racing with his stellar-performances on TV, Stage and Movie screens all over the globe.

He features prominently on top TV shows like Domino, where he plays the ever-controversial Oscar whom the audience just loves to hate, and on Tade Ogidan's "Behind The Siege", "Harmony Estate", "Blaze of Glory" and the new hit TV series': "168" and "Spiders", he remains the true favorite of Television audiences across the African continent.

His favorite TV appearances aside from the hit TV Soaps are his Leading-Role in the Hit MTN TVC "Dance With Me" and the Dunlop Nig. Plc. Shares Offer Promo.

On stage, it was Femi Branch who gave Gennevieve Nnaji the much-needed succour in her stage debut in Tyronne Terrence's "Private Lies".

He has worked with most Nollywood A-List actors in all mediums and in both English and Yoruba Movies alike.

* Orirun
* Iwalewa
* A Token For Love
* Omen Of love
* Elebute
* The Triangle
* Freedom Bank
* Away From Home
* Senseless
* Moja Mosa
* Teni Benson 1 & 2
* Arungun Omo
* Emi Na Ko
* Oonfa Ife
* Ofin Mose
* Digbolu
* Ire Aye Mi
* Dada Awuru 1 & 2
* Italian Deal 1 & 2
* Koje Tutun
* Akandun
* Omo Jesu
* Ogbon
* Ogbun
* Timilehin Oluwa
* Oloku Ada
* Beyi Oku
* Omo Meji
* Akuko Ija ('08)
* Ori Mi Ja Funmi
* Twisted
* Eni Ija O Ba
* Abidemi ('08)
* Fayegbami ('08)
* Ojooru
* Omonikara
* Lori Ahan
* Oju Ode Da
* Fuji ('08)
* Ifejafunmi ('08) and tons more ...


Femi is currently suspected to be sneaking in and out of Music studios both in Nigeria and South Africa working on what is expected to be his musical entree. His current interest in an upcoming Group; THE GENESIS also lends credence to this and he is also expected to feature in the new Ruggedman Video "Naija Krunk"?

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