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What inspired you into acting?

I would say its destiny. After I was born, the destiny that God deposited inside me started springing out. I discovered there was a gift. I started acting when I was in nursery school. As a kid, I was doing a lot of drama presentations. Every Christmas period in my school then, I will act as Joseph, Easter, I will act as Jesus.

What constitutes your first break?
My first break actually was when I was in school. I've heard about the movie industry, I was at the same time trying to make up my mind when some of them came to my school to shoot films. I was on my way to the library when one of them called me and asked if I could play the role of a rich manís son and I said yes of course. It was an opportunity for me; before you know it, I was part of the production and here I am. The film is an old one and it was called My Vengeance,

Your Funeral. It was my first movie. It has been my major break in the movie industry.
What of challenges?
There has been ups and down too but we are learning what we need to learn. We believe in God for creativity. The challenges has put me on my feet and has helped me to become a better actor.
Who are your role models in acting?
Denzel Washington, Russell Crewel, Tom Cruise and so many of them. In Nigeria RMD has really inspired me. I use to learn a lot from him when I was growing up. I emulate them. You cannot be a better actor until you learn to capture someone you emulate, the person that have the kind of spirit and heart you have. You can see what you have in him.
Were you tensed the first time you acted?
Yes, it was like I was shy. To be a television person, shyness should not be in your dictionary. Each time I got to audition, I would find myself misbehaving until I learnt to kill that shyness. Ever since then, I have always been on top.
How has your upbringing influenced you?
My parents were good Christians and both of them are lawyers and they gave me that Christian background. Not only Christianity but also they taught us how to live a good life, how to be kids of the kingdom. Even as old as I am now, those things have been helpful. They taught me the power of praying which has been helping me up till now. It makes me not to be afraid of anything. When battle and tribulation come, I go to God in prayer. My God knows my weakness, he empowers me more and he gives me the grace to overcome.
Have you always wanted to be an actor?
Yes, I always dream of not just of being a great actor but someone people will look up to as a role model. People need healing in different ways, not only when they go to the hospital but also through drama. Acting is a ministry, which God has called me into.
What was your parentís reaction when you took up acting?
I was supposed to be a medical student, I did medicine for a while before I stopped and went into acting. My parents were not in support of me; they felt I wanted to be a hooligan as that was what they termed people in the movie industry. I told them that I have a dream but they didnít believe me. My father almost disowned me. As I was doing medicine, I could not stand blood. I was then doing things I actually didnít want to do. A friend of mine who was a minister encouraged me to go into the movie industry. He is a minister and it was like a prophecy that God has called me into touching lives through movies.
Oh, you are a born again Christian?
Yes, I am. Also, when they say born again, I donít know but I will say I am born again in Christ. I know him and he knows me. It is not by outward (things) but inside your heart, by your fruit, people will know who you are. I have so much passion for God. Sometimes, my friends will say Tuvi you are too fine, why are you doing this church thing but I tell them, that I believe in him. I learn a lot from my pastor, Pastor Tony Rapu of This Present House.

How do you handle your female admirers?
The grace of God has been there from the onset. I work hard not to be tempted but Godís grace has been there for me.
Any relationship
Not at the moment, I have a friend who I am watching if it will work out between us. I believe God but we are just friends for now. We talk about marriage as if it is a do or die affair, at last we rush out. You need to find not just a friend or companion but a helper.
What do you want out of life?
I want to keep serving my God. I also want to assist and serve the less privilege in the society.
How far do you think youíve gone in acting?
No, I have not even started yet. There is so much strength, a debt; the sky is not only the limit but also heaven alone. This is the starting point and I believe God will give me the strength to receive that extreme of which he has ordained me to be.
Aside acting what else do you do
I am a trained computer scientist. I am into broadcasting but mainly I am into acting, modeling and singing. I am open to any business because I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.
Can you do without acting?
I canít do without acting because if I leave acting, it would as if a part of me has been taken out.
Tell us some of the movie you have done
There are so many of them, Innocent Father, Children of Terror, Wanted Alive, Married woman, Stand by Me 1&2, Broken Engagement, The Story of my Life and so many others and more that are yet to be released.
What advice would you give aspiring actors?
First and foremost, they should get basic education. Educate your mind and yourself as a whole through reading, so that when the challenges start coming, it will be easier for you to handle. Also, humble yourself, take it easy, and donít be forward so that God can take you up there by himself. You should also be prayerful, serve your God. The purpose for your coming to this earth should not be neglected but discovered. If you are attracted to someone, you should go about it in a very decent way. If you admire somebody and you feel you have a heart for that person, go for her but donít harass anybody. After all women are gifts to mankind.
What do you feel is lacking in the industry?
We want artistes to be united. They should come together as one body because we lack that. We should see ourselves as people with one vision and not rivals. We need unity in the industry.
What is your view about Nollywood?
Nollywood is going places and we are triumphing. In the next five years, there will be tremendous change and we will be more than Hollywood. But first we need to set pace and example.
A word for your fans?
To my fans out there, I say thank you for making me your favourite. God loves you so much. Thank you for loving me. Keep it real at all time and be yourself.

Filmography: Traumatized, Daytime Lover, Beyond Belief, Lost Passion, Missing ANGEL, Stand By Me,

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