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For 10 years now, pretty and busty actress, Cynthia Agholor, has been mesmerizing and tantalizing Nollywood with her acting skills and zany lifestyle. "I donít pretend and I hate pretenders", she fires.

Since her quiet arrival on the set of Chico Ejiroís "Heart Beat", the sultry star who came in through veteran actor, Emmanuel France, has been soaring like an eagle, to greater heights. "It was not easy when I came in then. Many producers and directors harassed me sexually. We thank God. Nollywood has really improvedÖ" divulged the Delta State-born lady who was also a former campus beauty queen.

Continuing, this only child of her parents, who likes flaunting her busty boobs in public, says she has no apologies for her action. "If you have it, flaunt it. Iíve got it and that is why I like flaunting it for all to see and admire."
On her preference for white guys in place of Nigerian men, the star of numerous hit flicks like Villager Toasters, Never Too late, Year 2000, First Love, Wise men, The Incarnate and many others says: "I regret dating a white guy. Nigerian men are better than white guys. I broke up with my white guy because of some irreconcilable differencesÖ"
Daring and still searching Cynthia, who lost her dad last year via a protracted illness, also bared her mind on a wide range of issues within and outside Nollywood.

Early this year, the story was everywhere that you wanted to get married to your white lover? Has the marriage taken place?
Hmmh! Na wah o! I did not plan to marry any white lover. In fact, I never intended or contemplated marrying any white guy. Till date, I donít know where the story came from.
But you dated a white guy?
Yes and that was in the past. Sincerely speaking, I canít marry a white guy. And I even regretteddating a white guy.

How many years did the affair last?
Years back. Itís past now. So, let us move forward.
So, why did the romance with your white lover crash?
Hmmh! Irreconcilable differences. But the two of us are still best of pals. He is no longer here permanently. He comes in once in a while.

What did you enjoy most about the affair while it lasted?
(Laughs) Everything about him was okay. He was so caring and nice but that does not mean we donít have wicked and selfish white guys.
But if he was that nice, why then did the whole thing crash?
It was not as if it crashed. We parted in peace and agreed to move on with our lives separately.
From your own experience, between white and black guys, who makes better lover?
Sincerely speaking. For me, it is black guys. They are better compared to white guys.

Presently, what are you doing?
Iím busy working from one set to another. I just finished a movie entitled Yours Sincerely. A very good movie produced by Chinwe Onwuegbuzie with Taiwo Oduala as director. Iím also doing my buying and selling business alongside my acting. I also import video tapes.
Tell us more about this your latest movie?
Like I said, the title is Yours Sincerely. I played the lead role and by the time it comes out,many people will be asking if it was actually shot in Nollywood. The story line was tact and tight. It is also contemporary and full of moral lessons and intrigues.

Aside Yours Sincerely, like how many more movies have you done this year?
I think Iíve done about 10 movies since the beginning of this year. But among them, I think only one or two are out.

Many people see you as a very daring and zany actress. Are you?
People are entitled to their opinions. The fact is that I like being myself. I donít pretend, I do my things my own way and have no apologies for anybody. I wear what suits meÖ Iím only being myself. Iím not crazy, but daring.

Why do you like wearing clothes that usually flaunt your breasts?
(Laughs). Itís natural. If you have got it, flaunt it. I have it that is why Iím flaunting it. And besides, Iím an international model, so why wonít I flaunt what God has endowed me with? In flaunting my heavy bust, I also flaunt and advertise my beauty. No apologies for that and I donít care what people say about me.
Between acting and modelling, which did you start first?
I started modelling at the tender age of seven. But I went professional in í97 with national billboards for a hair company. I have done many calendar and billboards works as a model.
How and when did you come into Nollywood?
I came into Nollywood in 1995. Emmanuel France brought me in. I got my first role in "Heart Beat" from the stable of Chico Ejiro. But before this, I was a kid star on television with many telemovies on NTA then. The rest like they now say is history.

And your parents did not kick against you going into acting then?
No! They supported and gave me their blessings. They saw the acting thing in me from a very tender age.
And as a youngster then, didnít some producers and directors sexually harass you?
I remember vividly that I was harassed seriously in 1996 and it was all over soft sell magazines then because I spoke out. But after that time, it did not happen to me again.

From í95 till date, how has it been for you in Nollywood. The challenges?
God has been merciful. It has not been easy. The challenges are still there and we are facing them. Financially, it is also okay now, compared to those early stages. But despite all these hurdles, my passion for acting and showbiz in general has kept me going. Funny enough, I studied marketing in school.

Aside the sexual harassments, what other problems did you also encounter then?
Many problems. The biggest then was people looking down on you, saying or thinking you cannot act. I cried and nearly left Nollywood when NEK videos turned me down for a job in my first ever audition. Their reason was that I was too young and small then. The clique thing also affected me. As a new actress, many people would want to intimidate and push you around. But I was able to surmount all these difficulties because of my faith in God and the belief that I will make it in Nollywood. Even at a point, I told myself, I have had enough and would quit. But my mum and some actors then told me to hang on. It was really tough then for me. They are peculiar problems. But in-between that period, I left and went to school. I came back fully in 2003, after completing my course in Marketing at the Federal Polytechnic Oko, Anambra State.

If you are not acting today, what else would you have been doing?
I love business much! I would have been an international businesswoman.
Which among your numerous movies will you say actually brought you to limelight?
That was my first leading role in Nollywood. It was entitled THE YEAR 2000. Lancelot Imasuen directed it in 1997. The movie announced my arrival in Nollywood.
Since you came in, like how many movies have you starred in?
Iíve lost count, but I know it is up to a hundred.

Has any among your numerous works really challenged you?
"First Love" did. I defeated many stars to clinch the leading role in the movie. It was also a very tasking role and many people thought I could not carry the role well. But I did to the consternation of many.
Are you into a relationship presently?
(Chuckles). My last affair just crashed. Right now, Iím not into any romance or relationship. Many guys are chasing me, but Iím still taking my time and searching for the ideal guy. Iím scared of men, maybe, that is why Iím still single and searching.

So, who is your ideal man?
I want my guy to be God fearing. If he is God fearing, he will have all the other qualities a woman needs in a relationship with the opposite sex.
So, in essence, you are saying that your past lovers were not God-fearing?
I did not say thatÖ Men are like chameleons they change overnight.
And right now, if a God fearing white man comes your way, you would marry him?
No! I donít want to marry a white guy.
But you can marry an actor?
No! I donít want us to know the same thing. I donít want my husband to know what I know so much about.
I learnt that in the higher institution, you were Miss Oko Poly, after leaving school, why didnít you contest at the national level?
I decided not to go further after contesting at the Miss Lagos State Beauty Pageant. I did not like the things that I saw at that pageant. In fact, (hisses), I donít want to go back to that episode. It was a very bitter experience. I respect myself and dignity as a woman. The truth is that Iím not interested in pageants any more. They killed my spiritÖ The only time I enjoyed pageant was during my reign in Oko. It was a wonderful and memorable moment. The experience lingers on. Iím still an ambassador of my school. They invite me once in a while to deliver speeches and give advice to female students.
Lest I forget, is it true that your white lover bought you your current car?
(Mood changes) Nobody bought me any car. I bought my car with my money and sweat.
In the next couple of years, where do you want to be as an actress?
Hmmh! I want to take my acting career to the whole world and also open more doors of opportunities to the up and coming ones.

Tell us about yourself and family background
Iím Cynthia Agholor, a nice and loving girl, fun to be with. Iím the only child of my mother. Dad is late, while mom is still alive. We are from Delta State.
Your dad died last year. What do you miss most about him?
I miss him much. I miss dearly, his advice, support and words of encouragement, especially when Iím down. We were very close when he was alive.

Where did you grow up and how was growing up?
I grew up here in Lagos. And growing up for me was fun. As an only child, my parents pampered me, but did not also fail to spank me whenever I derailed.
What trips you most in a guy?
Aside being God fearing, he must also be handsome and very intelligent.
In life today, do you have any regret?
My only regret was that my loving dad died when I needed him most. He did not live to reap all that I planned for him. But thank God my sweet mom is still alive.

Is marriage on your mind?
Yeah! But Iím not desperate about it. Whenever God says Cynthia, this is your ideal man, I will move.
In Nollywood today, who are the actresses that you respect and admire so much?
Liz Benson and Joke Silva.
As a professional model, can you pose nude?
No! No matter the amount.
What would you say are the major things that have changed in the Nollywood of today, compared to when you people started?
Many things. Then things were extremely tough, but it was fun. Reason, there was not too many crowd then. Now everybody wants to act. Now it has stabilized and also better financially and otherwise. We are happy about the new developments. Then and now canít be compared. There is glamour now. Then, it used to be a family thing for some producers andÖ

We learnt you would soon embark on a foreign trip. How soon and what is taking you there?
Iím embarking on the trip, basically to model and shoot a movie. We are leaving very soon. A company based in America is sponsoring the package. I will spend just six weeks there. And the money involved is okay. I was and still very happy when the deal came my way. Iíve always dreamt of shooting a foreign movie and now it is going to happen live.

As a young, single and pretty actress, how do you cope with men?
E hard o! But Iím always diplomatic with them. Most times, I wonder how they always get my GSM lines. Diplomacy is the best way to deal with men. Most of them are damn too stubborn.

If you were to meet God today, what one major wish would you ask from Him?
What I want from God is simple. I will ask Him to bless and make me very rich so that I can help the poor. And also build homes for the homeless. Nigerians are suffering. I want to help humanity.

You have been around since í95, what has kept you going?
God first, then my zeal and determination never to give up. God is the secret of my success. Iíve also come to realize that hard work pays.

What kind of legacy do you want to leave behind?
I want to leave behind a simple and very challenging legacy. I want to be that actress that will be the first to bring happiness and smiles into the lives of the poor through the orphanages and homes that I will build. And when Iím no longer there, I will instruct that the royalties from my movies should be directed to these homes and orphanages for the poor. Helping humanity is my dream. I want to really and truly care for them. And my dream also is for Nollywood to be bigger than Hollywood soon.

Filmography: Yours Sincerely, Lake Of Fire, Never Too Late, Villager Toasters, Never Too late 2, Year 2000, First Love, Wise men, The Incarnate

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