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Newest Nollywood acting sensation, buxomly Adora Ukoh, has declared for everybody who cares to know that she is not a greenhorn in front of the camera. She also makes bold to state that her recent re-entry into Nollywood is her second coming, adding that she had been in acting but only temporarily left the scene to pick a degree in Law. The light-skinned screen beauty stated this much in an exclusive interview with Klieglights last Saturday.

Adora first starred in mystic movie, Karishika, which was shot in 1996. As we found out, she played the character of a young woman who gave birth to a tuber of yam as the wife of another actor, Ejike Methusellah. She told our correspondent that that was shortly after she left secondary school.

The first in a family of four – two boys and two girls – who insisted that being sexy is not an exclusive preserve of slim and petite beauties, stressed that even though she is big, she is nevertheless a good example of big and sexy’.

Perhaps the argument that she is green behind the ears might not have reared its head if she had not opted for a degree in the acclaimed noble profession at the time she did. Not that she has any regrets for her decision to temporarily turn her back on acting in preference for a university degree, far from it, she told us.

The native of Abagana in Njikoka Local Government Area of Anambra State explained that the decision was based more on the fact that she comes from a family that has great value for education. That may not be unconnected to the line of job her parents found themselves in.

Klieglights found out that though the decision didn’t come easy, it was the only option for her if she had to face the reality of her situation.

"Initially, I tried to juggle the schooling and acting but it dawned on me that I couldn’t. I realised my academics would suffer if I continued that way, so I decided to take a break and face my study because I come from a family that has great value for education" she told our correspondent. She also told this reporter that it was not difficult for her to easily fit in when she returned to acting because while not acting, she kept in constant touch with the industry.

"I regularly called some of the marketers whom I had worked with and also watched a lot of films to keep abreast of latest developments in the industry," she revealed.

The star of Black Bra, Only Love and more recently, Total Control, told us her dad – now late – was into educational books publishing and her mother was a teacher and, now a school principal.

Flaunting an adorable look that is accentuated by dimpled chubby cheeks, she foreclosed the issue of whether she would practice litigation after doing her compulsory stint at the Nigerian Law School. Rather, she strongly held that if at all she practices, it would be as a consultant to stakeholders in maritime, real estate, intellectual property or any other lucrative branches of the legal profession.

She explained that the decision was based on, among other reasons, the fact that she comes from a family that has great values for education.

She minced no words in telling us that her role as Capone of female campus cult group in Black Bra shot her into stardom. In that film, she demonstrated the gift of acting for all and sundry to behold and applaud. On the strength of her performance, Nollywood was abuzz with unconfirmed tales that she may belong to one such clandestine campus group.

She is unperturbed though.

According to her, "What I tell people who say so to my hearing was that first, the university that I went to didn’t have that much of a cult problem as to have a female campus cult. Again, I’m not that kind of person."

For the actress, who strongly believes that a young woman can be big in physical size and still be sexy, it is not surprising that her career role models are American showbiz stars, Queen Latifah and Monique. For Adora, the two acting stars fit the bill of her mentors, though unlike Monique and lately Latifah too, she wouldn’t venture into stand-up comedy.

"I don’t see myself going into comedy, even though Monique does comedy. I believe people see it as unserious and I have always wanted to be seen as a serious person," she quipped.

Adora showed the evasive side of her when this reporter wanted to know what part of her anatomy she considered most sexy. Rather than give a straight answer, she chose to hide behind the excuse that " I love every part of my body." When we pestered further, she said, I think my face is, because people tell me I have a very pretty face."

Well, perhaps because we were certain many of her male admirers – whether professionally or otherwise - may hold a contrary opinion, we asked to know what part of her body her boyfriend considers most sexy. We cannot wait to reveal her answer.

"Whatever my boyfriend consider most sexy part of my body is private and known to the two of us alone".

Can you beat that? Coming from Adora who told us her first kiss was from a guy whose elder brother led them into it when she was in her first year in secondary school, her size has always been a huge exaggeration of her actual age.

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