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Nigeria's Amata dynasty has entertainment running in its blood.
There are three generations of actors, directors and producers - all have played, or are playing a crucial role in Nigeria's film and theatre industry.

Then there's the multi-skilled Fred who works as an actor, producer and director. He is the king of the Nigerian video industry - the enormously popular home-grown film business.

Fred Amata is married to Agatha (school friend) for over 10 years and are blessed with kids. When asked how it has been?

He said "It has been sweet and sour as usual with life. Ten years of marriage, that's ten years of plenty sweet and plenty sour. But somehow because of that friendship, that bonding, we have managed to weather the storm and still stay friends, which is very important. Which is why I said this time we must leave everything at home, and come here and spend quality time with the family.''

According to Fred friendship is very important in marriage "Friendship, communication. Love grows from friendship. Love doesn't come. what's love? Love must grow from friendship. You cannot just see somebody and say I love this person, wetin you love? There must be a connection and it is that connection that is friendship before it develops into what is deeper which is love and love has its own levels. The love that boyfriend and girlfriend experience may not necessary be the same love a boyfriend and a girlfriend with one kid will experience. And then down the line, marriage now brings its own, marriage now unites two families and you know, love just starts to develop different meanings, and you now begin to realize that tolerance is a major part of love. And that's another ball game altogether."

Popular actor and movie director, Fred Amata talks about his taste in fashion:
"I am a mood dresser, and what I wear depends a whole lot on my mood. Some days I just want to dress corporately and other days, I want to look as casual as I can. But more often than not, because of the heat, I like to dress casually. I like casual, trendy clothes and I also like afro-centric fabrics. I am a jeans and T-shirt kind of person, and I wear black a lot. Right now, I am working with a fashion designer called MUDI on a new fashion image.

I like flat-soled shoes. And I just stick to two colours in shoes, black and brown. I donít have a particular favourite style in shoes, I wear loafers, buckle shoes, lace-ups, sneakers, whatever suits my fancy goes.

I usually like to cut my hair very low. But right now, I am growing my hair, and I have been doing so for the last couple of years. I actually grow my hair for a role I played in a movie. But afterwards, I just decided to keep it for a while . I saw some of the pictures I took with my hair and I loved it, so I decided to keep it for a while. Right now, I just braid my hair and I like my hair braided all back because it suits my face.

I donít wear any jewellery. I donít even wear gold or silver-strapped wristwatch. I just stick to my leather strapped wrist watches.

I wear Acurist, and that is my favourite watch maker for the last ten years. I like flat face wristwatches.

I am crazy about exercise. I am a keep fit freak, especially now that I am in middle age. I do a lot of stretch exercises and belly exercises. I do a wild range of exercises: I jog for twenty minutes, I run for twenty minutes, use different machines in the gym for different parts of my body.

I am trying to cut down on my intake of beef. I now eat more of fish. I actually love to eat fish a lot and I also try to cut down on alcoholic intake. My favourite meal is starch and banga soup,

I am lucky to have a good skin. I donít do anything to have this skin type. I canít even apply Vaseline on my skin, I will just sweat all day.

Joop is my favourite perfume. But then, every once in a while, I try new fragrance. Nothing specifically, just whatever catches my fancy.

I love fast cars and Mercedes Benz remains my most favourite ride.

Some of his movies includes Silverstone, Peace of Mind, Wages, SHE, Love Sex and Marriage and More

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