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Maureen Solomon is an Igbo girl. Iím a simple girl from Isochi in Abia State. I come from a family of seven that is, including my parents. Iím the second and second girl. At the moment, Iím doing my industrial attachment in Lagos. Iím a student of Enugu State University (ESUT) and Iím doing my fourth year in Computer Engineering.


I started acting in 2001 till date. I wouldnít say I started by mistake, it was by chance. Actually, I bumped into an audition. I went there to look for my sister who was attending the audition but when I got there, I was asked to be part of the audition and I got the role.

Most of the things that happen in my life do so when Iím not prepared, just like acting, and Iím stuck with it because I just love it.

Movies shot

Now, I donít know but Iíve done quite a number of movies.

Shot into limelight

I owe my shot into limelight to two movies because the first movie that people really got to know me for was "Not without my Daughter", we shot the movie in Jos. It was done by Lucky Joe, then the one that really got me popular was "Women Affair" by Annex Merchandise. So I owe my shot into limelight to these two movies.


Not really much. Just trying to cope with the industry, to be myself and then outside people normally place us where we are not. It takes a lot to be yourself outside. Thatís about the challenges for now.


Well, right now am not lacking anything, so itís okay for now.

Embarrassing Moments

None except when people see you on the road and begin to shout your name, itís not that embarrassing, itís something you have to live with.


I really pray for it to grow more than where it is now. Itís really going wide, years before now nobody envisaged that it was going to be like this and definitely itís going to go higher.

Male fans

I try. Most of the times some of them are stubborn, some polite, some nice. But I try to be plain to them, whatever they want, I just tell them my mind.


Well, I have never broken any bodyís heart and mine has never been broken. We part as friends when the need to part arises.

Most challenging roles

Most of the roles I play are challenging because first, itís not my character. Iím still expecting the most challenging although there was this movie I took part in and it was my first time of playing an elder sister to someone that you know is older than you. At first, it was like I could or could not carry it and besides, that was my third lead role so I wasnít sure of myself but after some scenes, I picked up and it was okay.

Artistes admired

Well, for the female artistes, I love Stella Damascus - Aboderin. Sheís one actress I know that is there. She has depth. She is good. Genevieve, Eucharia Anunobi-Ekwu are also good. Then for the elderly ones, I like Ngozi Ezeonu and Shola Sobowale, these two women are just too good.

Then for the guys, I love Richard Mofe Damijo, Ramsey Noah, Emeka Ike, but in all of them Stella is just my number one.


I like locking myself inside the room watching movies. I donít go out. I donít hang out, Iím too lazy to hang out.


For the girls, have a focus of what you want to do first, not just being a star. If you feel being a star is your sole target then when you come in, many things are going to go under water but if youíre focused and you know where youíre coming from and where youíre going to somethings would not just come and take you like that. They should be careful and know what they want.

Sexual Harassment

I hear that everyday but no, it has never happened to me. But before one gets harassed, definitely you must have shown the red light or green light. For me, I just get to location, do my job and leave.

Act Nude

No girl, I will not. Iím an Igbo girl and I will not act nude for any amount of money. I know the family I come from and I know what I want in life. I canít do it.


Iíve really been trying. Sometimes I just donít know what to do. Iím trying so hard not to make everyone unhappy, especially when they go like oh! Maureen and all that. The whole thing is just being yourself. If you are yourself, anybody that wants to get pissed off at you, then, that is the personís problem but if they like you, then they like you and there are no two ways about it.


Itís good but I still hope it gets better.

Me and my guy

Oh yes, I love him and he loves me. I donít know about wedding bells, but we are praying for it. He loves me for who I am and I love him for who he is. God, heís himself, heís not fake, heís honest and most importantly, he loves me and I mean I canít ask for more and I count myself lucky to have him.

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