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It was in the early 1990s. Then, I didnít have acting in mind. What I really wanted to do was music. I later settled for acting as an alternative. Ramsey Noah brought me in.

Coming into limelight
Well, it was quite an experience. But prior to that time, I had acted on TV in Rivers State. Mega Fortunes gave me the needed push because it was on NTA Network. It was my first major job and it was quite challenging. I really enjoyed every bit of it.

Growing up
I grew up in many places. As a matter of fact, Iím from a family of six and I happened to be the last child. My father was a former Federal Pay Officer. Being a civil servant, my father was always on transfer from one state to another. So, I grew up in different parts of the country. Well, it was quite an experience for me.

Changing locations
I will say that it is an added advantage to me. And it has also affected the way I see and relate with people regardless of tribe, background or religion.

I had my primary and secondary schooling in different states. Later, I was admitted to the University of Port Harcourt, but I could not complete the course for certain reasons. I donít like discussing the circumstances that led to my leaving University of Port Harcourt. I later ended up at the Nigerian Institute of Sports where I did a course in Basic Sports Management. I still have the plans to return to school, but not too soon. I do my things one after the other.

Nollywood debut
It was Glamour Girls by Nek Videos in 1994. Iíve come a long way in the industry. Iíve put in 14 years in the movie industry.

Coping with female fans
The fact is that, most of the time I speak with them on phone. I hardly see them face-toĖface. Iím also an introvert, if I donít have any business to attend to outside, I hardly go out. I like staying indoor doing one thing or the other. I also write, compose songs and design websites for my clients.

Most challenging role
I wonít describe any role as the most challenging. I see all my roles as very challenging. But my role as a mad man in Boomerang was very tasking and demanding. Aside playing a madman in the movies, I had to speak like a stark illiterate.

Acting as fun
Acting? I enjoy being on set because that is what I have chosen to do all my life. The only thing I donít enjoy about acting is changing of costumes on sets. Itís quite stressful. I get tired easily when asked to change my costume.

Likely alternative profession
Well, if Iím not acting, I would have been a footballer or a volleyballer.

How comfortable
Oh, I pay my bills; that is how comfortable Pat Attah is. I wonít say Iím a millionaire, but Iím very, very comfortable.

Love life
I want you to know that every young man needs a lady in his life. Pat Attah has a lady in his life presently, but I wouldnít disclose her identity now for security reasons. But she is not an actress.

Marriage is a lifelong commitment and a man has to prepare adequately for it. Definitely, I will get married as soon as Iím ready. In marriage if you rush in, you will rush out. I will get married, but Iím not in a hurry or under any pressure to do that. But donít be surprised if it happens this year.

Managing my career
Let me say that one cannot eat his cake and have it. Being famous has really spurred me to do better so that those who look up to me as a role model will not be disappointed. They also appreciate what Iím doing and that is why they recognise me whenever they see me.

Playboy syndrome
No! Iím not a playboy. People get that idea about me because of my roles in home videos. The truth is that Iím a one man, one woman kind of person. I donít believe in double dating. In fact, I detest men who double date. People should stop judging me with my playboy movies. Iím not one.

Assessment of Nollywood
We are still growing; it is still a baby industry. Sincerely speaking, we are not doing badly. There are rooms for improvement. We can do better than what we are doing presently. Do you know that aside from petroleum, Nollywood is the second highest foreign exchange earner for this country. We have also created employment for the masses of this country. The government should start assisting us, they should come to our aid now.

Improving Nigerian film industry
If I have my way, I want better and improved welfare packages for artistes. Aside the few big names that earn big monies in quote, others take home peanuts. And when you pay peanuts, you get monkeys as results. We should try and pay all stakeholders in Nollywood very well, so that we can bring out the best in them.

Artiste Fee
Iíve collected over half a million in some movies. Iím eagerly looking forward to the day I will collect one million and above. I have over fifty movies to my credit.

Influence of Nollywood
Nobody except God. He is my role model and inspiration. But in the music world, the late Bob Marley is my only role model. I appreciate the acting skills of my colleagues, both locally and internationally. I do criticize myself whenever I watch the bad roles I had played.

Projecting into the future
I canít say precisely where I will be in the next 10 years, but I know that I would have moved real forward. It is left to God to decide. Iím sure that I would have done a couple of hit movies in Hollywood by the special grace of God.

Music career
I have a lot of plans. I have also done a number of recordings, but I had to suspend everything because music comes by inspirations. I stopped when the inspiration stopped coming. Iím praying to God to continue to inspire me so that I can go back to the studios to complete work on my album. Before the end of 2005, my debut album will be out. Itís a fusion of reggae and R&B.

I love pets a lot. In my house here, I have a monkey, parrots, dogs, and a live aquarium. Iíve ordered for a chimpanzee and a wild cat like cheetah. They are processing the licence for these animals. I love animals because they are very loyal and will never betray you. I love them with a passion because they can die for you while protecting you. They are my best friends.

New year resolutions
My New Year plans are many. First is that I will be leaving the country very soon to shoot a film and when I return, I hope to buy more pets that will live with me. You will get to know more of this as my New Yearís plan unfold. My resolutions are between my God and I. They are not for public consumption.

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