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She took the movie industry by storm with her cryingí examplary performance in A Cry for Help directed by Andy Amenechi and was catapulted to fame. Ever since, Nkiru Sylvanus Nwuzor has been playing the high stakes featuring in more movies after another in the lead category.

Her story is that of humility and dogged determination propelled by her belief in the Almighty God whom, according to her, is responsible for her successes.

She is guest to Home Video People. "I am the second child and the first daughter of Mr and Mrs Sylvanus Nwuzor from Osisioma, Aba. My father is a policeman serving in Owerri while my mother is a midwife, we are five children in the family", she informs.

Growing up

I went to Ohabiam Primary School and also to Ohabiam Secondary School, all in Aba. So, in that sense, someone should see me as a complete Ngwa girl. My father is a strict disciplinarian, if you wish to know. He is a no non-sense man, maybe because of his profession. It was when I was in primary five that he called us and made us know that our names would change to his direct name. He made us change to his first name of Sylvanus. He loves all his children, but is somehow over protective. I donít blame him because you never can tell.

Medical desire

I had earlier toyed with the idea of being a medical doctor, maybe because my mum was a midwife. I left Ohabiam Girls Secondary School in 1998 and entered University of Nigeria, Enugu Campus, to study Medicine. As time went on, I found out I couldnít cope with it. I had always been a serious student, but I found out I had talent for the arts, such that I dropped the idea and settled for Mass Communication in the Enugu State University. I am currently in my second year.

Out of cage

I came into the movie industry in 2000. I came in on my own after telling myself the honest truth that that is the place I belong. I met a producer, Felix Okoro, who was producing Out of Cage. He talked me into playing Ngozi Ezeonuís daughter in the movie. It was my first movie and I didnít have any experience except being a member of the dramatic society of my school. I thank the Almighty God for being very kind to me because I found favour where other very erudite graduates have not succeeded. He has been continually faithful to me . I canít really point it out. I see his handiwork on daily basis. I see it that when it comes to God being there for you, he doesnít mince words, he doesnít act in a small way. He works for you through and through. I say this because I am a beneficiary of Godís favour, I see his handiwork in my life daily. I see his love and favour, in my daily successes, and I am very happy.

Cry for help

I did A Cry for Help after a couple of jobs. But that brought me into the lime light. I had done the Out of Cage (Christian Dior) and did Evil Forest by Sonny Collins Nwatu of Great Movies. When A Cry for Help came, it was not really for me. Two other people were already on the bill. That is why I tell you that when Godís favour is on you, you never miss out. They had somebody in mind whom they eventually decided was too fat for the role. Then they toyed with the idea of Genevieve Nnaji but I donít know why they didnít reach her after all. Then the guesses went to Chiege Alisigwe who also was busy with her exams and the producer couldnít wait. The producer then said why donít we try this girl, Nkiru and it fell on me. I see it as one of the most challenging roles for me because I had to cry from the beginning to the end. You know it is not easy to cry. I really was made to cry. Andy Amenechi, the director, handled me the way professionals do. He did a lot for me to cry and enter the character. That man is really a great director, it was after the film that a flood gate of movies opened for me and I canít but thank God. God had a special interest in me. He lifted me up through that movie which was not even for me in the first place; it was like a dream. I have realised, but Iím still working on.


I think what keeps me going on and waxing strong in an area where otherwise I couldnít have had any chance is my very strong belief in God. This is instilled through my faith. I am an Adventist and that is the basic tenets of my faith. Be humble and all other things will be added to you. I am very humble and I respect constituted authority.


I can tell you that the most challenging movies in my career are the first ones. I see Out of Cage as very very challenging because I just came into the industry as a fresher. I wanted to do it well. The next one for me was Cry for Help. It was tasking because I had to cry from the beginning to the end. But I must say, I have not done my most challenging movie in the through sense of the word.

I canít even tell you my most challanging character in any movie because each character is good in their own ways.
Nkiru In Egg of Life

Most memorable

My most memorable event didnít happen in the movie industry. I recall in December 2003 I was driving to Enugu from Aba when suddenly I saw a man at the middle of the road. I tried to avoid him but he hit himself on my car and fell. I had to quickly report myself to the police. I had never been so apprehensive in my life. Thank God the man survived.

Over use of faces

I donít believe the saying that faces are ever used in the industry. I also do not consider myself being over used because I cannot feature in every movie. But let me tell you, the so called over use of faces is a worldwide phenomenon. There are people whom the fans want to see when their films come, fans rush for them, it seems more of a matter of demand and supply. If it is not so, then you wonít see these stars and know them. I donít see this as over use but as what the market wants.


I see them as the people holding the industry even when the government is not showing interest. I have a cordial relationship with them and I thank God for that. I donít even have any problem with anyone in the industry, be it marketer, producer and director or even my fellow artistes. God is in control.


I try as much as possible to combine my academics with my interest in the movies. So, any day I am not shooting, I am in the classroom because I value my education. In class, it is a different ball game. You are meant to contend with people of diverse feeling. Some people are so happy with your achievements while some are envious. Some feel you feel too big while some others wish to be your friend.


I am not a fashion freak, maybe because of the religious home I come from. I try to wear anything that fits me well. There is no special interest. But I love wears I can just ship on. I am not crazy about fashion. You are likely to see me wearing jeans because they are so easy to find and easy to wear. I also love short skirts. Some people say I love to show my legs but it is just what I like. I donít know what they mean by that.


Every woman looks forward to manage. I look forward to it because I am an adult. Even though my daddy loves me as a daddy should love a daughter, I look forward to eventually settling down with my own husband. However, I am not under pressure for marriage because I havenít finished my studies. I am yet in year 2. But that notwithstanding, marrige is not about personality but about love. My fingers are still crossed because marriage is an institution and not friendship. It is someone you have to live with for better for worse or for better for best. I am waiting patiently for Mr Rightí. But I am not under pressure. God will help me decide and I leave everything to Him.

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