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Rukkie who is definitely not a rookie in the movie industry, a couple of years back chose Nollywood over the N25 billion-rich banks, after graduating at the Lagos State University and has since never looked back.

The stunningly beautiful actress, born and bred in Lagos, spoke with WOLE AJAYI recently about her journey so far in the world of make believe. Excerpts:

Seems Rukkie is your showbiz name could you tell us your real names?
Rukkie is my real name. It's the shortened form of Rukayat, and my surname is Sanda.
When did your love for acting start?
I had really wanted to act for a very long time. In my school days, I used to be involved in plays and cultural dances. So I had passion for it right from my high school days.

Which school did you attend?
Lagos State Model College, Igbokuta, Ikorodu.
Yeah, I moved to Lagos State University (LASU) Ojo where I studied Banking and Finance.
How long have you been in the industry?
Actually I've been in the industry for three years now. I had my debut appearance in 2004 but serious acting for me started in 2006, I started with Angel And The Beast in 2004
Were you involved in stage productions at LASU?
How did your parents react to your going into acting?
At first, my dad wasn't okay with the decision. It was like "you have to finish at school first before you get involved in anything like that". So finished schooling and I'm now concentrating on acting. He's okay with it now, after I've had first degree.
What about your mum?
She's okay with it. She loves watching movies, so she doesn't have any problem with me acting.
How many movies have you featured in so far?
About 16. I'm now working on the 17th and 18th.
Could you mention some of them?
Strength of love, Legal war, Campus love, My Precious Son, Weeping Tiger and many more. I can't recollect their titles; usually the scripts don't come with titles.

How has the journey been so far?
Has been good
That means you've made enough dough
If I had made enough money, I won't still be working.
Since you studied Banking and Finance, would you still love to go back to that line one day?
Maybe in the future but definitely not now.
Do you have any role model or mentor in the industry?
Liz Benson and Patience Ozokwo.
Tell us your favourite actors and actresses.
Patience Ozokwo, Genevieve, Ramsey Nouah, Alex Usifo and Olu Jacobs.
(Olu Jacbos, she confesses looks so much like her dad)
How have the fame and glamour of movie affected your life?
Nothing is getting over my head; I'm still my normal self.
How do you handle sexual harassment? Or do you think it doesn't exist?
It does. But it doesn't happen to me. I've not been sexually harassed.
Tales abound on how producers take young girls to bed before turning them into stars. Are you ignorant of that?
I've heard about it, but I've not experienced it.
Alright, how do you react to love advances from the opposite sex?
I don't encourage it. I'm in a relationship.
I guess, you don't just turn them off.
I just say, thank you, I'm in a relationship and I try to be nice about it so that I don't hurt anyone's feelings.
And You think with that they'd let you be?
Ehn now, they have to!
Can you date your colleague?
There's nothing wrong in that but I'm in a relationship, out of the industry.
Could you tell us about him?
Well, all I'll say is that he's a Yoruba guy and we've been together for about three years. My love life is booming!

How old are you?
24 years old (2007)
What's your favourite meal?
Rice and snail.
What about drinks and cigarettes?
I don't drink, I don't smoke. I like Fanta (laughs)
Is there any memorable incident you want to share with us as an actress?
There was this time we were shooting, and we got to the location and it was really crazy, the owner of the house forgot to tell the security man that we were coming so we were kept outside for like four hours. And finally, when the landlord came, you know what? He says, "you can't use my house anymore, I've changed my mind." That was really painful.
Where do you see yourself in five years time?
Everywhere I'm going to achieve so much. Five years is a along time, so five years, I'd have been everywhere around the world.
If you're playing Juliet, who among your male colleagues would you want as Romeo?
Right now, the only actor I've not worked with is Ramsey Nouah. So if I'm playing Juliet I'd want him as Romeo. Aside that, he's a good actor.

Filmography: Strength of love, Legal war, Campus love, My Precious Son, Weeping Tiger 

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