Pregnant Woman Claims Her Late Father’s Ghost Is Kissing Her Unborn Daughter In Ultrasound

November 26, 2019

A Pregnant woman identified as Shantel Carrillo believes the image of her late father appeared in an ultrasound scan of her unborn child in San Diego, California, United States.

Shantel Carillo, who’s five months pregnant with her second child, said she saw her late father’s ghost ‘mysteriously kissing her unborn daughter’ in her ultrasound scan.

Carrillo said she didn’t even notice the image until she posted a photo from the ultrasound on Facebook and other family members weighed in.

“People were messaging me, saying it looks like someone’s kissing your baby.

“People who actually knew my dad were like “That looks like your dad oh my gosh… that looks like Chuck.”‘

“I started looking at it, and i found a picture of my dad holding my first daughter and its like the exact same thing. It’s crazy.”

Shantel Carrillo said placed the ultrasound of her unborn daughter side-by-side with a photo of her father Charles, who died in 2016, and the two images produced an eerie resemblance.

“It has his nose, his little chubby cheeks, his little double chin, and my dad wore a hat like all the time. It looks like the bill of his hat and his lips are just touching hers so perfectly,” said Carrillo.

Carrillo’s dad Chuck passed away suddenly in 2016. She was his only daughter and her daughter was his only granddaughter, until now.

“I think my dad would just be over the moon about it, so I feel like he’s including himself in this someway, somehow.”

He may not be here in person for this pregnancy, but Carrillo now has something tangible to feel like her father is never too far away.

Carrillo is due to have her baby girl in April, just a few days before her father’s birthday.

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