Dear Nse: You are living your best life even without a womb

May 12, 2019

Dear Nse,

You are a body of beauty and some air of grace. I know some guys who will give up their legs to have you.

First thing we think when we see you in movies in your sexiness. I speak for all the men who are into Nollywood.

Since speaking about your situation. The reason you had to stay wombless. Your story have since dwelled in the lips of many.

You are their star. The story that you will never become mother to a child of your womb means a lot to them.

Some of them pity you. They have pity party for your sake. Not to mock but to show sincere sympathy. In that party, they discuss your movie roles. And some try to understand the nature of the disease.


Carelessly, some discuss off point. One is caught saying the disease happens most times to women who have had so many abortions.

Well because it’s a party. Such bad mouthing was taken for a show of ignorance. And some persons tried educating the empty heads therein.

But they resulted to Google and this is what Search App told them:

— Does abortion cause adenomyosis?

CONCLUSION: Women who are multiparous have leiomyoma, a previous history of abortion, and a normal body mass index are at increased risk for development of adenomyosis. Adenomyosis might be one cause of unexplained recurrent spontaneous abortion during pregnancy.Oct 4, 2014 —

With this, they all breathed heavily. Until one of them underlined the word ‘might’ in the Google quote.

Away from the pity party…

Another group of persons who discussed you were a group of persons who also fall in your category. They understand the pains you must have felt. They also have their stories.

In Africa and other part of the world women are almost defined by their abilities to bear kids. Married couples in search of kids of their own (or as they like to put it, fruit of the womb) endure quite a lot of troubles.

The irony is we are a continent of multitudes of homeless kids. In Nigeria, parents have sold the kids they bore for some ridiculous amount. In this same nation women with uterus intact have subjected themselves to the business of ‘camp, born and sell’.

The CBS business involves a hideout camp. Where lots of women are kept and pregnated. After 9 months, they deliver and the kids off that camping period are sold.

How much?

N60k, N80k, the few jackpot is around N600k.

The world is just filled with pathetic ironies.

Personally, I have strong opinions as to the kind of child policy we should enforce in this country. It’s not enough to own a womb and produce kids at free will.

You will be arrested and work in an effective prison system for 12 months if you have a kid that doesn’t:

— go to school,

— eat at least three times a day,

— have accommodation, and has no

health plans.

Until the kid is 18years old.

If I have my way. Until Nigeria is better economically, we can’t afford more kids. I’ll implement the double kid policy. Wherein you are only entitled to not more than 2 kids.

We have limitless resources. We don’t have stable power supply yet. We are all complaining of heat. Yet we keep bringing more people down here.

I think you were strong to announce your predicament. It will encourage a lot of women and their husbands by extension.

I know there’s a feeling about having your kind of replica. Your offspring. But really, is this the kind of world we truly are proud of bringing these babies to?

Nse Ikpe-Etim, you are living your best life. Live it up.

Your Sweet Personality Spotter,



P.S: Come and adopt me. I will be a good son.

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