The Disturbing Success Of Coronavirus: Who Will Save The World? – By Omoshola Deji

April 2, 2020

These are very abnormal times. The earth we labored to
build is shutting down before our eyes and we have no magic wand. Although we’ve
faced several challenges in our lifetimes, overcoming them never made us thought
something so disastrous could surface that would cause us to be still. Suddenly
the novel Coronavirus, otherwise called Covid-19 struck. It rose to pandemic
and the earth stood still. We are striving not to perish, but have only made a
tiny progress after a tired race. Who will save us from Covid the viral virus?

China struggled to restrain Covid to its origin at Wuhan, but
it escaped. The virus has managed to infiltrate 195 countries and territories through
our innocent bodies. At the time of writing, Covid has afflicted 882,191
persons, out of which 185,094 has recovered, while 652,961 remains ill. Over 44,136
persons have passed away, with Italy recording more deaths ahead of Spain,
United States, France, China and Iran respectively. The casualty keeps mounting
as Covid rages wide and wild.

Covid is omnipresent. It is present in every continent (except
Antarctica) and attacks people irrespective of religion, gender, class or race.
Some Africans who boasted that the virus can neither survive their hot climate
nor subdue their acclaimed ‘strong’ immune are now recanting their words. At
the time of writing, Africa has over 5,780 cases in 49 nations out of 55.

Covid is one confident virus. It passes security checks
unnoticed to afflict the powerful. The virus took photos with United States
President Donald Trump through Fabio Wajngarten, the press aide of Brazil
President Jair Bolsonaro. Wajngarten tested positive few days after he met with
Trump. Covid also infiltrate US Vice President Mike Pence’s office, but never
got him – his staff paid instead.

Leaders living with Covid across the world includes Prince
Albert II of Monaco; Iran’s Vice President, Masoumeh Ebtekar; Cameroon national
assembly speaker, Cavaye Djibril; and the archduke of Austria, Karl von
Habsburg. United Kingdom’s Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, also tested positive.
As if that were not enough, Prince Charles, the oldest son of Queen Elizabeth
II and heir to the British throne is down with the virus. No one can trouble
these leaders without paying dearly but Covid has.

In Nigeria, Africa’s most populous nation, the government’s
Chief of Staff, Abba Kyari, and son of ex-vice president Atiku Abubakar are both
down with the deadly Coronavirus. The governors of Bauchi, Kaduna and Oyo States
tested positive, while about 15 other governors are at risk, having come in
contact with Kyari. President Buhari and Vice President Yemi Osinbajo had to

Other nations’ leaders in self-isolation includes Botswana
President Mokgweetsi Masisi; German Chancellor Angela Markel; and the Prime
Ministers of Spain and Canada, after their wives, Begona Gomez and Sophie
Trudeau tested positive for Covid. Apparently, more than a few nations’ first
families are either undergoing tests, in self-isolation, or have tested
positive for the virus.

Is the earth’s governance so flawed that Coronavirus seeks
to wipe out a portion of the ruling class? If so, I pray it starts with my
country, Nigeria. The reason is one: Nigeria works for the leaders only. Over
seventy percent of the population are incredibly poor, living in slums, and lacking
basic amenities, despite the nation’s enormous oil wealth. No thanks to the
corrupt leaders, who now has no option than to use the collapsed healthcare
system they failed to build for their Covid treatment.

Who will save the entertainment industry from Covid? Entertainment
helps our brains restore to functioning capacity when we’re dull or tired.
Sadly, some of those bringing us the cheers are down with the deadly Coronavirus.
Celebs who have tested positive for the virus across Europe and America includes
British actor Idris Elba; Norwegian actor Kristofer Hivju; famed opera singer,
Plácido Domingo; Cascada singer, Natalie Horner; 19-year-old singer Charlotte
Lawrence; keyboardist David Bryan; TV host Andy Cohen; and several others. Actress
infected includes Rita Wilson, Rachel Matthews, Olga Kurylenko and Debi Mazar,
among others.

Africa is not left out as Tanzanian rapper, Mwana FA and
saxophone legend, Manu Dibango (now late) contracted the virus. Fearfully, disaster
looms as top African celebrities who graced the recent Africa Magic Viewers’
Choice Awards (AMVCA) have been advised to self-isolate. This came after a
number of persons at the event tested positive for Coronavirus. One can only
imagine how many people the carriers have infected at the energetic, star
studded event.

Worst still, the new carriers would have, after the event, mingled
with friends, families and fans, passing the virus unknowingly, before the
isolation announcement. Coronavirus started from one person, but we now have thousands
of people spreading it.

Who will save the sporting world from Coronavirus? Sports
makes us feel happy and relaxed, especially when we watch with friends. Aside
helping us to maintain a healthy social life, some persons also earn from it via
betting. We all thought nothing could stop sports until Covid-19 surfaced. Aside
halting trainings and tournaments, Covid also afflicted the players.

For basketball, NBA players such as Rudy Gobert and Donovan
Mitchell of Utah Jazz; Kevin Durant of Brooklyn Nets; Christian Wood of Detroit
Pistons; and Marcus Smart of Boston Celtics, among others are in Covid’s net. The
virus also kicked both football managers and players into its net. Callum
Hudson-Odoi of Chelsea; Blaise Matuidi of Juventus; Arsenal head coach, Mikel
Arteta; and AC Milan technical director Paolo Maldini are all down with the
virus. African football legend, Mohamed Farah; former Olympique de Marseille
President, Pape Diouf; and former Real Madrid President, Lorenzo Sanz died from

Cycling is not spared as Colombian cyclist Fernando Gaviria
and Russian ProTour cyclist Dmitry Strakhov are down too. Sadly, some of these
sportsmen may no longer be fit to deliver the sterling performance they’re
known for before now. Such may affect their carrier, even if they survive the

While elites of nations are quarantining in luxury and could
afford first class health care in their countries (if they have), a lot more
needs to be done for the hoi polloi whose lives are hanging in the balance.
Many live on daily earnings and the lockdown is making survival ever more
difficult. Whether living in luxury or penury, no one is immune from the Coronavirus.
Thus, we must follow the social distancing and hygiene precautions to remain

Coronavirus has phenomenally crumbled our world and threatening
to wreak more havoc. Sadly, ammunitions can’t exterminate it and prayer is no
remedy. About 35 companies and academic institutions are racing round the clock
for cure, but no luck yet. Fear grips my heart over the calamity that will befall
the world, if the deadly virus lives on for months.

Who will save us from this deadly virus making human body
its home? Who will save us from the virus sending our brethren to the final
home? Who will save us from this virus keeping us at home? Who will save our
world from Coronavirus?

*Omoshola Deji
is a political and public affairs analyst. He wrote in via

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