“All Nigerian Politicians Are Into Charms, We All Patronise Black Powers” – Lagos Lawmaker

October 18, 2019

A member of the Lagos State House of Assembly, Mr. Moshood Oshun claims that all Nigerian politicians including him, are into fetish practices, noting that no political class can be exonerated of using charm.

Oshun stated this at the plenary while contributing to the proposal to declare the traditional festive period, ‘Isese Day’, a public holiday, which is August 20.

During the plenary on Thursday, a member of the House who is also the Chairman House Committee on Home Affairs, Mr. David Setonji, moved a motion that ‘Isese Day’ should be celebrated and declared public holiday as it is practiced in Osun state.

Oshun, in his contribution, said that if all lawmakers in the plenary were asked to stand up and pull up their clothes, none of them will be exonerated.

“We all tie charm within our waists, arms and even rob on our bodies.

“All politicians are into charms. We all patronise black powers and we know where to go during elections and to what extent we seek black powers to win elections.

“We wear charms within our arms. Even the civil servants patronise black powers to get promotions,” Oshun said.

Meanwhile, the Nigerian Senate has attacked Nigerians for questioning their decision to purchase expensive Sport Utility Vehicles (SUVs) amounting to about N5.5 billion for senators.

The Senate said it was an insult for Nigerians to lament because they plan to purchase jeeps worth 5.5 billion for senators. According to him, the status of a Nigerian senator is not unworthy of an SUV.

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