Global Lockdown And The Everyday Jimmy – By Bello Mukhtar

April 2, 2020

“When torrential water tosses boulders, it is because of its momentum; when the strike of a hawk breaks the back of its prey, it is because of timing. Thus the momentum of one skilled in war is overwhelming and his attack precisely regulated.”

– Sun Tzu

As has always been said, the quote from Isaac Newton will,
till the end of time remain fresh. “To every action there is always opposed an
equal reaction.” As it has been proven to seem to be, lately the world is in a
hurry. In a race to meet a certain seeming deadline or dateline. The questions
will remain as, whose task are you accomplishing? How soon must you accomplish?
And what would the collateral damage to the of the everyday Jimmy be?

We may not bother ourselves with questions one and two.
Certainly question three involves us directly. Global Lockdown directly
involves everyday Jimmies, everyday Harries, Dicks and even the doubting
Thomases. For Time Square in New York to look remarkably like a scene from
Zombie Rabid, for Waterloo Station or Oxford Street to look as eerily empty and
or for the Grand Mosque of Mecca to be left alone with its white marble and no
circumambulating souls, the world has most definitely turned a new page. Again
you’re left to ponder if it’s a page of gloom or bloom. I know and believe the
consequences of our actions as human beings pushed us into this tight spot.

Not necessarily all of us are in that particular spot, there
are the most despicable of human beings. The absolute fools who think they run
the show on the globe. God Runs His Shows, you’re far less than mere pawns in
this scheme. He Uses us to Make things happen and we think we deserve pats on
the back for being able to accomplish such and such. If He Twists just a vein
in our system we’d not even be able to move, let alone cook up evil one against
another. The human is so inconsequentially arrogant. We are invisible, yet

Well, it serves us right. Hence there is something much more
invisible even to our eyes. Be it a disease or a ruse to achieve misdirection.
Whatever it is, we have achieved little Greta’s wishes without much ado. The
carbon emissions have greatly reduced. I’m sure Greta is grateful.

From those 5G enthusiasts, the harvesters of human organs or
the biotechnology warfare apologists. It still remains to be seen, whether the
aim is achieved or not. The absolute chaos in the world makes the Latin word
“ordo ab chao” or “order out of chaos” reverberate with deafening resonance. We
must also remember, we are nothing and don’t possess any powers, especially in
influencing anything contrary to The Wishes Of The Almighty. As such, the
manufacturers of genetically modified foods, electronic equipment giants and
nanotechnology experts who experiment in the remotest parts of the Nevada and
California desert to the mountainous regions of the Hubei province in China.
And last not least, the bio and chemical war mongers who have devised a new way
to wage war and to those who proliferate light arms, the war lords as you’re
called especially within the African continent, I say to you; bring it on!

“Fal Yad’u
Naadiya, Sanad”uz Zabaaniya.”

Translated to mean, “Let them call their henchmen, and We
Shall Call The Guards Of Hell and See Who Is Who!”

– Al Qur’aan

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