On latest killings in Chikun LGA

March 22, 2020



In what looks like an unceasing siege on Gbagyi communities
of Southern Kaduna, armed Fulani herdsmen last night simultaneously attacked
Kugosi and Kajari communities in Chikun ward, Chikun Local Government Area
(LGA) of Kaduna State killing three persons.

They also burnt down homes and property in the communities.

24 hours to the above attack, rampaging gang of armed
herdsmen lay siege to Manini village, in Chikun 
ward killing two.

In the same manner, a day before the Manini violence, a
horde of armed herdsmen stormed Katarma village, in the same Chikun ward and
killed two family members.

In the past three days, at least 7 persons have been killed
by these outlaws.

According to village sources, those killed in Manini are:
Markus Danjuma a 50 year old farmer with three wives and 12 Children and  Sharana Danjuma  42, who left behind a wife and five children.

The gunmen came on motorcycles around 8pm on Tuesday and
started shooting at anything at sight, traumatized villagers told SOKAPU.

Since the village has suffered similar invasions in the
past, the villagers had devised ways of escaping, thus children, women, the
aged and all found their ways into the bushes carrying only what they wore.

Sadly, the two victims were cut down by the bullets of the
aggressors for trying to fend off the marauders while others fled, it was

At the time of writing this statement Kugosi and Kajari had
been deserted with scores of villagers wondering in the bush with no food or

Those who made contact with us said that the invaders were
still around the village looting and burning down homes, bans of grains and any
asset they could not loot.

These communities, as indeed many other affected communities
in Chikun and environs have attained relative wealth from mass grain farming
and keeping large herds of cattle, sheep and goats.

But the invaders have rustled these cows in their thousands
including sheep and goats. After looting tones of grains, they set fire to the
ones they could not steal.

The villages have also been impoverished by mass kidnapping
of villagers who have to cough out tens of millions to pay as ransom to the
murderers in exchange for the loves ones.

 SOKAPU has a
chronicle of the humongous loses suffered by these law abiding village in the
hands of herdsmen trying to forcefully eject them and occupy their lands while
government watches on.

These wanton cruelties on these native Christian communities
have been ongoing without let since January 6th 2020 with great casualties in
human lives and material loses. Curiously, 
Governor Nasir el-Rufai of Kaduna State has  never mentioning them  talk less of visiting to see for himself.

But early this month, el-Rufai rushed to inspect some Muslim
villages that had come under the attack of bandits in Birnin Gwari, Giwa and
Igabi LGAs in the northern part of the state and apologized  over his inability to protect them. He also
promised to rout the bandits and had since swung into action.

It is clear that the governor does not see any humanity
among the Gbagyi Christian victims and as such he is unable to show any
sympathy, no apathy, zero pity and no sense of responsibility towards them.

This attitude is consistent with governor Nasir el-Rufai
when it comes to how he treats the Southern part of Kaduna that is dominantly
Christian and the northern part that is majority Muslim.

SOKAPU is hereby appealing to the governor to live by the
oath of impartiality he swore to at his inauguration and accord all indigenes
and residents of Kaduna state the constitutional responsibility he owes

We also call on all well meaning individuals, groups and
corporate entities to come to the aid of these displaced persons. They are in
dire need of food, medical attentions and temporary shelter.

Sign: Luka Binniyat

(National Public Relations Officer)

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