Multi Millionaire Reveals He’s Searching For A ‘Beautiful And Successful’ Woman To Start A Family

February 14, 2020

41-year-old Andy Scott, who is worth £25million, has revealed that he’s searching for a ‘beautiful and successful’ woman to start a family with and take on luxury holidays.

Andy is businessman from from Portsmouth, who is the founder, owner and chairman of London-based investment company REL Capital.

The millionaire said has previously been ‘married to succeeding’ after focusing for many years to build the fortune which he had lost.

Andy made his first million by the age of 26, but lost it all in the financial crisis when he was 30.

He has spent the last decade building his business back up, and hasn’t had the time to focus on love.

Andy owns everything he has ever wanted, including a Rolls Royce, luxury homes in London and the South of France, a classic yacht and powerboat, and even flies his own private plane around Europe.

But he only recently realised ‘no one cares who the richest man in the graveyard is’ when he started going to hypnotherapy sessions.

“I’ve been going to hypnotherapy and realised I’m getting old,” he said.

“I do want a family and you don’t want to leave it too late. It’s hard to find someone who ticks all the boxes.

“The hypnotherapist said, “If you put as much effort into finding a partner as you do at work, you’d probably meet someone”.”

The millionaire said now his focus is to meet a down-to-earth, ‘beautiful’ woman who is free to spend her summers sailing around the Mediterranean and winters skiing in the Alps to spend his life with.

Andy is keen to find a woman who is successful and wealthy in her own right, because a relationship of equals is important to him.

“Finding an equal in a partner becomes tougher as you start to do well.

“Your pool of suitable candidates rapidly diminishes and finding that person with financial independence to be able to go sailing at short notice, or spend the summer in the South of France is tough.

“I don’t want to support someone financially early on in a relationship to stop working, which obviously changes the fundamental dynamics and equality of any partnership – and not for the better.”

Andy admitted he will probably only find true happiness if he spends the rest of his life alongside a soulmate. He added:

“Being an entrepreneur is a very lonely existence and ultimately, if you don’t have someone to share in your highs and lows, you rather question what you are striving for and why you are doing it.

“So, the drive inside us that makes us strive for success can ultimately make us unhappy if we are unable to find contentment in all areas of life.”

What does Andy look for in an ideal partner?

1. An intelligent, special, unique person who doesn’t take themselves too seriously and has lived an interesting life full of experiences, rejecting mediocrity, and has achieved something, whatever it might be.

2. Someone not born with a silver spoon in their mouth, not given everything, and a grafter like me.

3. Someone who is beautiful and keeps fit is very important as I box and work out five times a week; they must take pride in their appearance.

4. Someone not addicted to their mobile phone and social media, can switch off and appreciate the important things in life.

5. Integrity is key for me, trust is everything.

6. A chameleon who is comfortable in all manner of situations, from attending a glam ball, being able to party all night at a beach party and behave like a big kid, to rolling up their sleeves and helping me move house. It’s really hard to find someone who can do it all!

7. Loves the outdoors and walks in the country, being by and on the water, being on a sailing boat preferably for a few days at a time and sometimes not in comfort, so no princesses! Someone who is happy just in a bikini and flip flops with no make-up or mobile phone for a few days.

8. Someone who wants children and is ready to settle down, yet appreciates life doesn’t have to end when you have kids, and that you can still go off travelling and have fun all together.

Andy’s last girlfriend was Atomic Kitten star, Liz McClarnon and they loved each other after meeting at a wedding in 2016.

Despite the love, their relationship faltered after two years because Liz, 38, didn’t like flying.

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