Dear Rat vs Viper: Vector begs Jesse Jagz before dissing him

October 12, 2019


Still on, the battle between M.I and Vector Tha Viper takes another dimension earlier today. As Vector drops a reply to M.I’s The Viper. He titles it #JudasTheRat. Ediale Kingsley after listening to the song had a lot to say in an Open Letter.






Dear Rat vs Viper,

On the surface, based on some quick elementary assessment. As in, if you were to asked a nursery school class prefect to mark the diss scripts of bro Lanre (Vector) and bros Jude (M.I). Well, bro Lanre could get a good mark. Even for just titling his diss, rat. Since bros called him a snake. Lanre decided to call him a rat. And we all know that snakes eat rats. And that’s where Vector failed, rather than eat the pronounced and identified rat, the snake has gone to hiss at vicious birds.

Rather than chew M.I, Vector takes a diss at a rap assassin and a politician (Jesse Jags and Ambode). Now, who has watched John Wick? Remember how the spoilt son of a don went to disturb a retired assassin by killing his dog? Remember?

John Wick who was already having a bad time coping with an important loss in his retirement. Is disturbed by a small boy who knew not how to profile a bad guy. Well Lanre is like that boy, he has ‘misprofiled‘ Jesse Jagz and this doesn’t look good for him, diss-wise. For Jesse Jagz is the one you should fear if you don’t want a music-death in a diss war.

To be fair, Vector improved on this diss track as against the wack spat in Tetracycline. But again, Vector was poor on delivery. Almost validating M.I’s lyrics in The Viper. You start asking questions. Could it be true, that Lanre is homeless or having rent issues? Cos, he is singing (rapping) like he doesn’t want to disturb the host.

This shit wasn’t delivered right. And the joint was even poorly produced. Vector was just bothered about telling a story. He acted like a staff who was asked to reply a query before the close of work. The rush was audible, so was the reality.

With lines like:

“I’ve stopped judging success by the kind of money I make

Or the house that I build, or the rents that I pay

I think a successful man, is one who knows himself

That thinking is far from you because it’s top of the shelf”

It’s like Vector agreed that M.I is way successful. So I guess that explains why he rather dissed Jesse Jagz. Even in dissing Jesse, Lanre had to first tender an apology.


You heard me right.

Vector first apologized to M.I’s younger brother about what was to come later in the track.

An apology in a supposed diss-track.

See the lyrics for yourself:

“Jesse Jagz you’re my buddy, I couldn’t do this in a hurry.

But the truth about your brother’s been blurry

So sometime in this sermon

I’ll say some uncomfortable facts

To show his fans, their GOAT is really a Rat”

More like, “Hey, my guy no vex, but I will offend you small, sorry to drag you into a matter between me and your elder brother”

Basically that is what he meant.

And who does that in diss song. Who begs in a diss track. I thought Vector was a barrack boy. He should be firing from all cylinders, or surrender to a truce. A truce is better than starting your very first verse with a plea.

Was the diss track a total junk?

Not really, like I said. He told a story. And if you needed to do a story for Wikipedia. You can surely use this and that MI’s The Viper as a good material.

Where he wasn’t telling a story, he was replying ‘the query’. Along the lines, he explained that he is actually on the list of top 5 from Yoruba Land. Against M.I’s assertions that he came after:

Mode 9


Olamide Bahdo






With this line, “See I don’t know about you

But I’m the only number 1 from the 234″, Lanre believes he is better rated than Eldee, Olamide and Dagrin and agrees only Mode9 can be above him. So that makes him number 2 on the top 5 list from Yorubaland (as he tries to play on the brand 234 Next, he thinks he is 2nd and every other rapper from Yoruba lands could drag for next spot).

Well. This is him still trying to beg the gods of rap while he shoots. Why can’t he just brag to be number 1 for art sake?

And so I don’t end up reproducing his lyrics here and there. Let me summarize his points for the readers (the jury).

In the narration, Vector said the only source of income in the Rap Music industry is Hennesy. And then goes critiquing M.I for smiling to attract an ‘invoice’ from elsewhere other than Hennesy. Here he behaves like a student stating his answers to a word problem and then striking it out again.

No, I am not lying, read:

“Who spends money on rap events, I dare you to name a name. If it’s not Hennessy, I dare you to name a name”

“But you dey Lagos campaigning shining teeth for any invoice”.


And yes, Lanre also had some clever lines too. How he replied M.I’s claim to being his father in the game. He told M.I that everyone knows his father is dead.

And in a way, he meant that literarily and figuratively. His real father and his music father (I’m guessing, he sees Mode9 has his music father. And in the music industry Mode 9 is as good as dead).

Then Lanre also noted that some of the things M.I said about him was just part of the ups and downs in life. But also quickly noted and condemned M.I’s own ups and downs (which still makes no sense) :

“”And what’s my success in life? the answer is life

I look in the eyes of my daughter, and I’m thankful for life

And now I’m a single father making mistakes learning of life

I had a fight with YSG, that shit is normal in life

Your girl broke with you? we thought she your wife

You were the bitch in the relationship, the stories are right

You claim I treated YSG in a way that was false

I was the one who lost everything in my life but my pulse”

Of all the lines, this is where I feel Vector made a whole lot of sense. The lines below is where he nailed M.I:

“Let’s talk about CC, not your BB girls

Let’s talk a little bit about your CC mess

You did your Emperor crazy, one of CC’s best

The Brymo’s exit ushered in the CC stress

I mean Dice could really rap, he had your CC crest

And many artists don fall sha, off your CC steps

CC was in the room, we guess CC left

Even the lounge can testify, it reads CCX”

In all of these though, like I said in my first letter after The Viper’s release. We now know Vector is still in the music industry. What is a Rap career without diss, beefs and battles? Let’s just hope Jesse doesn’t pull a John Wick though.

Your Query Reply spotter,



PS: M.I will respond. Jesse Jagz will. Even Ambode, through Olamide. Insulting Olamide’s foster father and saying you are ahead of Olamide could bring blood. WARNING, Olamide is not Reminisce.

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