5G : Evolving technology in modern communications, adverse effects on environment, human health

July 3, 2023


The fifth generation of wireless technology, offering much faster internet speed than you are using today.

With the advanced 5G connectivity, we can run more devices at the same time. Previously we had 4G antennas, which were directed in 360 degrees. But now we can enjoy 5G towers from multiple directions.

In this way, the interruption will be less by other signals, and we don’t need to worry about the presence of any other networks at a particular place. According to studies, 5G further

provides lower latency rates, which means we can enjoy real-time responses among different electronics.

Till now, you might be thinking, “yes, we can get lots of facilities out of such wireless connectivity. But what about our primary concern, i.e., Will 5G affect our environment?

The emission of 5G is of high frequency, which lies in a range of 30 to 300 GHz. And this is the real cause of all issues.

This advanced network will use five technologies, such as millimeter waves, small cells, MIMO, beamforming, and full-duplex, which provides superhero powers to the 5G signal that it can accomplish much intricate work in second.

Rather than broadcasting in multiple directions, beamforming gives an idea of a traffic signaling system. With such technology, the user experience will be increased by efficient data transfer.

This provides a way for uninterrupted and more efficient data streams and can handle multiple stations simultaneously.

Effects of 5G on the Environment, reports state that technologies associated with 5G will affect the environment.

The rise of 5G technology will increase the number of devices. The manufacturing of these devices will put stress on the environment.

Manufacturing of these devices will emit carbon dioxide, which is one of the typical greenhouse gases. It will warm the atmosphere and generate climate change.

The manufacturing of technologies associated with 5G, uses essential resources that have harmful effects on the environment. Such considerable energy usage due to establishing these networks will lead us to the end of the earth by climate change.

The manufacturing of 5G technology requires non-renewable resources, which is another case when 5G affects the environment.

The microwave and millimeter wavelength radiations from 5G stations don’t have the capability to damage living cells directly as they are non-ionizing and ionizing radiations are harmful to lives.

Ionizing radiations have high energy, which destroys cells by breaking the building blocks of atoms and known as the primary cause of cancer.

Yet, more than 200 researchers at the United Nations claimed that there is lots of damage caused by the high-frequency electromagnetic radiations from wireless network stations.

Further, these scientists have requested to take health risks by 5G connections into consideration before establishing such connectivity worldwide. They have requested by submitting a letter to the Federal Communication Commission (FCC).

Besides, governments from countries like Belgium and Switzerland are monitoring how the 5G network will affect our society and our environment.

After all of these raised disputes, the FCC still doesn’t have a concern for this and is trying to implement the plan for establishing 5G stations as soon as possible.

The most targeted places of the human body for the absorption of millimeter waves are 1 to 2 millimeters deep in human skin and the cornea’s upper surface.

As our skin contains several capillaries and nerve cells, it is believed that millimeter radiation’s bioeffect may be transferred via our circulatory and nervous systems.

In this digital era, every evolving technology has some pros and cons. If we ignore such an argument’s negative consequences, then, no doubt accessing 5G connectivity will help us grow economically.

But we can’t neglect the harmful effects of Millimeter Waves on the environment.

There is a need for 5G developers to carry out Environmental Impact Assessments.

Environmental Impact Assessments will find the impact of 5G on the environment as many rumors are coming about 5G’s harmful effects on the environment. This assessment will fully be aware of the impact of 5G.

5G developers need to improve the 5G network for the environment before rolling it out widely.

Source: Earth Reminder

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