Telecom’s sector contributes 2 trillion naira to GDP quarterly – Dambata

May 22, 2019

By Odimmegwa Johnpeter/Abuja

The Executive Vice-Chairman of the Nigerian Communications Commission
(NCC) Prof. Umar Dambata has stated the Telecom’s sector contributes 2
Trillion Naira to the economy’s GDP quarterly. Prof. Dambata noted that
figure is not that of NCC but the National Bureau of Statistics and is
verifiable. On the listing of MTN in the Nigerian Stock Exchange, the NCC
boss stated, “It is very important to talk about how we have succeeded in
empowering Nigerians to control and manage telecom companies in this
country, we have translated into action an important function of the
commission by MTN listing in the Stock Exchange. We have given reality to
that important function of the commission, through this listing, Nigerians
would be empowered to control all or manage one of the dominant
telecommunications companies in the country”. He further noted that this
was the product of the settlement agreement between the MTN by NCC. His
words, “This is arising from the settlement agreement that we reached with
MTN. one, the repayment of 330 Billion Naira to the coffers of the
government by which they have paid 235 Billion Naira remaining only 55
Billion Naira to complete the payment, that is the last tranche and MTN has
again complied by listing in the Stock Exchange. That way Nigerians can now
possess shares and by possessions of MTN Shares, they would be financially
empowered and socially transformed. This is very potent milestone in
translating the function of the commission as enshrined in the act
establishing the Nigerian Communications Commission”.
On the issue of broadband penetration, Prof. Dambata said, “Consistent with
national broadband plan, this is now talking about what happened in 2018,
so we were supposed to In December 2018 meet 30% broadband
penetration in the country, giving the population of figure of about 190million
which is the projected figure given by the national population commission of
this country that would translate to 57milliin Nigerians would have access to
the internet. So by December, 2018 we had exceeded the 30% broadband
penetration proscribed in the national broadband plan, as at 31st ending of December, the penetration stood at 31.98%, the penetration as we are
talking now stands at 33.34% which translates to over 60million Nigerians
having access to broadband services all over the country. There is a new
target, one that is proposed by stake holders of 70% broadband penetration
in the next four years. The IT UNESCO broadband commission stipulated or
recommended 65% broadband penetration for Nigeria in the next four years.
If we interpolate between the two, 65, the stakeholders and the stakeholders
are saying no, 70. We are waiting for an official pronouncement of the target
to use for the next level of broadband penetration. Telecom’s sector
contributes 2trillion naira to the economy’s GDP quarterly, and that figure is not by the NCC but the national bureau of statistics and it is verifiable. The contribution of the Telecom sector to the economy stands at 2trillion naira
per quarter.

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