Desperate Magu ‘Now Monitoring’ Persons Testifying Against Him At The Presidential Panel

July 25, 2020

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The former top boss of the foremost anti-graft body in Nigeria, the Economic & Financial Crime Commission [EFCC] has begun to show sign of cracking owing to the ongoing probe against corrupt practices at the EFCC under his leadership. Information available to through sources privy to the activities of the Presidential Probe Panel reveal the deposed anti-graft czar, Ibrahim Magu has begun eavesdropping on the Panel proceedings and monitoring aggrieved persons coming to testify against him.

Yesterday, Friday July 24, 2020, Ibrahim Magu was scheduled to appear before the Panel for more interrogation – at the Banquet Hall inside the Presidential Villa.

Upon arrival, the deposed EFCC boss moved to a monitoring post outside the Banquet Hall and took a sit – refusing to leave. From the vantage point, Ibrahim Magu could be seen monitoring the persons coming to testify to the Panel.

Our source notes Magu seems highly unsettled by the parties testifying to the Panel – so much so he opted to act on his impulses.

Most of the testifiers were aggrieved members of the populace whom Magu and his ‘boy’ may have illegally acquired their possession under the guise of ‘anti-corruption’ fight. Many have presented their testimonies to the Panel, and many more are scheduled to testify.

Yesterday, the members of the President Panel noticed Magu’s monitoring of testifiers. They quickly halted Ibrahim Magu and told him to leave or relocate himself. But Ibrahim Magu insisted he was there for a different meeting with other people.

According to one of our sources who witnessed firsthand how Magu was snooping around told that “The only issue on ground now, is that the Panel hasn’t been attending to him. They haven’t really asked him anything lately. However, he has been going there uninvited to observe and monitor Staff who go there to give testimony. And therefore, either go after them for attack or retire to go and get rid of any implicating documents that may be linked to the testimonies of those staff. Having observed and realized these possibilities, the Panel plans to stop anyone from coming close to the Venue. By way of preventing view of those coming to give testimony. As well, even his lawyer would be limited from coming close to the venue arena, so as not to take record of staff who may wish to testify. They would only be there when the man is invited, and commitment extracted from them not to keep dishing out false info to media contrary to happenings at the Panel.”

Another source who observed the deposed Chairman had this to share: “He comes in to the place they are seating and pleads to want to have a meeting. Then after he goes to sit somewhere in the building – somewhere he can see everyone coming in and out in view of where the people walk in. Even when not invited. Because he is planning to identify and deal with those who testify against him (using Marabouts and his lackeys still at EFCC).”

Reacting, the Presidential Panel has since resolved to “put measures to forestall his fraudulent intent”. One of the measures the Panel plans to put in place is “not allowing him[Magu] come close, even if invited, he’ll wait at a confined place, not to see who goes in and out of the Panel”.

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