BREAKING| Updates From Supreme Court: PDP Swings as Adopting of Processes Begins

October 30, 2019

We are still at the supreme court where heaing has resumed and counsel to the PDP candidate, Livy Uzokwu SAN is leading the process.

Read below;

Uzokwu is now adopting all the processes in the main appeal.

Uzokwu: There is no testimonial from the secondary school he (Muhammadu Buhari) claimed to have attended.

There is absolutely no pleading on record that the second respondent is also known as Mohamed.

Uzokwu: that it is not for court to speculate that Muhammadu and Mohamed are the same person without any evidence before it to prove the discrepancy.

Uzokwu: On the issue of certificate, no reason has been given on record by Buhari on why it is impossible for him to bring forth any of the three certificates he claimed in Exhibit P1.

Uzokwu: Nobody, not even his witnesses gave any evidence that they have ever sighted any copy of original, photocopy or photographed copy of the three certificates

Uzokwu: There is no testimonial from the secondary school he (Buhari) claimed to have attended.

Uzokwu: On the issue of server, INEC denied having a server, but I submit that if INEC appreciated what a server is, they would never have denied its existence.

Uzokwu: Justice Oseji, one of the justices at the tribunal, found as a fact that INEC has a server in his contributory judgment. It is found in pages 6288-6312, Vol 10 of the record.

Uzokwu:It is curious and strange that INEC is relying on Section 52(2) of the Electoral Act to contend that electronic election is prohibited in this country.

Uzokwu:The provision they are relying on was amended and deleted in 2015 and replaced by another provision in 2015. In other words, there is a new Section 252(2) of the Electoral Act.

Uzokwu:The tribunal also relied on that old provision that electronic voting is prohibited. We drew the attention of the lower court (tribunal) to this issue.

Uzokwu:The new provision has not been interpreted and applied by the Supreme Court.

Uzokwu: On this note, I urge the court to allow the appeal.

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