Moghalu vs Falana: SAN’s apology

October 16, 2019

SAN Femi Falana got rattled by Prof Kingsley Moghalu whom the lawyer falsely accused of dumping the YPP to take a job offer  from the APC.

But rather than go straight, the human rights lawyer padded his apology with human frailty: a case of mistaken identity.

But many have wondered who else looks like Moghalu who contested on the platform of the YPP in the Feb 23 presidential election.

The former presidential candidate expressed his disappointment in the respected Lagos lawyer for making such allegations.

According to Falana while speaking at the 2019 Felabration symposium held at the NECA HOUSE, Lagos State,  I think it is unfair to single out Dr. Moghalu for recognition.

“We should not celebrate opportunism. Here is a politician who contested on the platform of a party, who has moved conveniently to the APC,” he said.

“They’ve just given him an appointment and he has just discarded his own political party. I don’t think that is fair for all.”

Reacting, Moghalu, while describing the allegations as a ‘surprise and an embarrassment, demanded an apology from Falana and a public retraction of the said comment.

He had said, ” I am NOT a member of APC and have NOT received an appointment from the ruling party. I demand and expect a public apology and a retraction of his statement.”

However, clarifying the allegation, Falana in a statement titled ‘My Mea Culpa’, on Tuesday, said his statement was a case of mistaken identity.

“At the symposium held in memory of the late Fela Anikulapo-Kuti in Lagos yesterday, I did say that Professor Kingsley Moghalu had called it quit with the YPP, the political party which sponsored his presidential election in February 2019.

”I equally said that he had joined the ruling party and accepted an appointment from the federal government.

“While confirming his resignation from the YPP, Professor Moghalu had stated that he has neither joined the ruling party nor accepted an appointment from the federal government. I believe him in toto.

“I did not set out to embarrass Professor Moghalu as it was a case of mistaken identity. Any embarrassment caused by the incorrect aspect of the statement is deeply regretted.” he added

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