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The Economic Climate: Zamfara State enjoying a healthy and attractive economic climate. Any industrialist who wants to locate in the State is assured of easy access to land, particularly in the industrial estates, equity participation in the numerous viable projects in the state, and provision of basic infrastructure for site and services.

There is a growing number of banks and other financial institutions which support both public and private sector initiatives in the agro or mineral based sectors of the economy. On its part, the state government has created an environment designed to enable all commercial and industrial enterprises to develop their potentials to the fullest. Preparations have reached an advanced stage to float a limited liability company to be known as Zamfara Investment and Property Development Company to serve as the state development and finance institution.

Industrial Potentials: Available data at the Ministry of Commerce, Industries and Tourism as well as the Ministry of Solid Minerals indicate that the state possesses vast investment potentials. These include a wide variety of agro and mineral related raw materials. This also shows the potentials for both mineral and agrobased industries per LGA in Zamfara State. It is evident that Zamfara State can be regarded as an investor's paradise, as each LGA has one form of either agrobased or mineral based potential

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