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Holy Apostles Community, Alyetoro

Aiyetoro is a coastal town located about 160km south of Akure, and KMkm East of Lagos. The inhabitants of the town consist mainly of llajes.

Owing to constant persecution and bitter disputes with their neighbours, they decided in 1945 to try a new communal way of life under the leadership of Philip Eretan and formed the Holy Apostles Community.

This resulted in the practice of communal ownership of property. The aims of the community include the achievement of self sufficiency in production and religious freedom.

The adoption of a Yoruba name "Aiyetoro" depicts the mode of their living: "The world at peace". The Oba is the highest person in the Community.He is the Chief Priest and presides over all meetings.

The Community docs not observe any public holiday or any day as special; instead, services are held every evening to which no outsider is admitted. All proceedings of the previous day are made known at such services.

The whole Community is run as a cooperative enterprise. Schools, Colleges, Ships and Trawlers, a power station, a sawmill, houses, a bakery, a shoe industry and a dress making industry are some of the many establishments jointly owned by the Community.

Everybody is employed in one form or the other. It is obligatory for one to work or leave the Community, for failing to do so. Aiyetoro like other coastal towns, is swampy, hence the houses are built on poles and cannot be reached by road.

Visitors are taken to the community by speed boats which take off at lgbokoda, near Okitipupa. A reception hall and rest houses are provided by the Community for the benefit of visitors.

It could be rightly claimed that this is the only Nigerian Community which does not experience power failure or theft. Smoking is, however prohibited and the people have lived together since and are countented with life for the past 30 years.

Life in the community is the arch type of the dream world, a paradise on earth. A visit to the community offers very exciting and interesting experience in the powerful speed boat which takes one to "The World at Peace".

Osun Shrine The Osun Shrine represents an eloquent statement on the traditional religions of the people of Osogbo. Situated on the bank of Osun River, the shrine remains an attraction any day; the numeracy of Yoruba gods are represented.

Ancient City of lfe The ancient town of lfe in Osun State is to the Yoruba race, what Daura is to the Hausa people. It is reverred as the cradle of the Yoruba race. Popular legend among the Yoruba people is that creation started in lle-ife town. They all trace their ancestry to the ancient town.



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Ikheloa is a Nigeria native name it given to people from esan in edo state which means caretaker


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