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70 Exciting Tourist Destinations in Nigeria

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Chief Nana's Palace, Koko
Chief Nana Olomu was a powerful nineteenth Century indigenous entrepreneur. As a reflection of the grandeur of his achievements, he built this mag nificent edifice at the turn of the century. WaterfallIt houses his personal effects and evidence of his contact with the Queen, administrators and traders of the British Empire. Located at Koko in Warri -North Local Government Area of Delta State, the Palace has now become recognised and approved as a National Monument.

Bible She, Araya
A copy of the Holy Bible is believed to have descended miraculously in Araya in Delta State from heaven around August, 1914. The spot now attracts Christian Pilgrims from all over the country, especially during the Easter season.

Abraka River Resort, Abraka
Located in the quiet University Town of Abraka, this Motel is ideal for those who want to escape the noise and tension of city/urban life. Hence guests can swim, boat, sport-fish\or simply bask in the warm sun.on the exquisite sand-beach as the glass- clear Ethiope River flows lazily by. There are also lawn tennis, squash rackets and badminton courts as well as a children's playground.

Okonni Wildlife Sanctuary
The Okomu Wildlife Sanctuary, Benin City, Edo State was the first in the country to be protected by law for conservation in August 1985. old Kano cityIt is jointly managed by the Edo State Government and the Nigerian Conservation Foundation, (NCF). The sanctuary contains rare species like the white-throat- ed monkey. Also present are the mona monkey, the putty nosed quenon, the red-cangaby, chimpanzees, elephants, bush-baby, the potto buffalo, red river hog, duikers, horn bills, porcupines, etc. TheOkomu Forest Reserve is the second largest in the country after theOban Forests in Cross River State.

Ososo Tourist Centre
Ososo town, on the boundary between Edo and Kogi States, is hilly and rocky. It lies about 40 kilometres from Igarra and 200 kilometres from Benin city in Edo State, The rocks and hills present a beau tiful scenery. There is a non-catering Rest House on top of a hill at Ososo, which grants a wide view of parts of Kogi State to as far as the Niger. From the Rest House can be seen some distance away a crater take with colourful fishes. An amusement park is being developed as part of the resort which has tem- perate weather for long periods in the year.

Ezeagu Tourist Complex
A half-hour drive from the burstling capital city of Enugu State is the Ezeagu Tourist Complex. The complex exhibits one of the natural wonders of wonders of nature. Measuring about 22 hectares in size, it comprises a lake, a cave and a waterfall (spring water). Its splendour is expressed by the almost 5 kilome tres long Obinofia cave whose sheer size and compartments is awe-striking.

The surrounding scape is a marriage of various land forms with unique weather condition and exo- tic vegetation. The cave has several tunnels branching out in different directions. Some of the tunnels are inter-connected, often opening up into largechambers which are two to three high and up to ten metres wide.

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