On This Day: February 25, 2020


1841 Pierre-Auguste Renoir, French artist

1873 Enrico Caruso, Italian operatic tenor

1917 Anthony Burgess, English novelist

1937 Tom Courtenay, Actor

1941 David Puttnam, English born film producer of 'Chariots of Fire'

1943 George Harrison, Musician & former member of the 'Beatles'

1945 Elkie Brooks, Actress


1723 Sir Christopher Wren, the English architect of St Pauls, died

1939 The first 'Anderson' air raid shelters were erected, in London

1955 Britain's largest ever aircraft carrier, the Ark Royal, was completed

1976 India announced plans to take action against parents who had more than two children

1985 The pound reached a record low value against the dollar

1986 Major-General Mamman Vatsa and others are sentenced to death by the Special Military Tribunal. They are later executed.

1986 President Marcos of the Philipines escaped to the United States

1990 The American 50's pop singer, Johnny Ray, died

1990 There were nationwide pro-democracy marches in the Soviet Union

1991 During the Gulf War, Iraq continued its Scud missile attacks

1993 South Korea had its first civilian President for 23 years