On This Day: September 16, 2021


1387 King Henry V of England

1924 Lauren Bacall, American film actress

1925 Charles Haughey, Irish politician

1926 B.B King, American Blues singer

1927 Peter Falk, US television & film actor (TV's 'Columbo')

1947 Russ Abbot, Comedian

1951 Andy Irvine, British rugby player


1847 Shakespeares home in Stratford Upon Avon was purchased for preservation

1861 The Post Office Savings Bank was instituted

1906 Two car manufacturers, in the USA, merged to form General Motors

1963 Malaysia became an independent country, and suffered anti British riots

1968 Second class post was introduced in the UK

1975 Papua New Guinea became an independent country

1978 An earthquake struck northern Iran, killing over 10,000 people

1992 'Black Wednesday' when interest rates jumped 3% and Britain withdrew from the E.R.M

1993 After being in existance for 75 years, the Wrens were disbanded