On This Day: January 30, 2023


1882 Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Former (32nd) American President

1913 Percy Thrower, Popular gardener and broadcaster

1915 John Profumo, Former Secretary of State for War

1920 Patrick Heron, Artist

1931 Gene Hackman, American stage and 'Oscar' winning screen actor

1937 Boris Spassky, Soviet chess champion

1937 Vanessa Redgrave, Stage and screen actress


1649 King Charles I was executed, having been found guilty of treason

1888 The author and artist Edward Lear died in San Remo, Italy

1933 Adolf Hitler became chancellor of Germany

1961 The first contraceptive pills went on sale in Britain

1965 Sir Winston Churchill, former PM, was given a state funeral

1972 In Ireland, British paratroopers believing they were under attack killed 13 people. This became known as 'Bloody Sunday'

1979 Rhodesian whites voted to transfer to majority rule

1988 A microlight aircraft landed near Sydney, Australia, to create a record time of 55 days since leaving London