Barcelona’s Transfer: Analyzing the options

May 19, 2020

By Ediale Kingsley

There’s an urgent problem in Barcelona. The spanish giant, who are the club with the highest number of trophies (95) in Europe’s top 5 leagues, are under internal pressure to dominate again.

And now they need the right players to surge ahead. As the transfer window draws near, names of players have started emerging.

Aubameyang, Laurato Martinez, Neymar, Roberto Firmino, Sadio Mane and Pjanic are the key suspects. In terms of transfer rumour.

I see Barca making another mistake. Same mistake the club made with Griezmann. While the club signed the french man they should have broke the banks instead to sign Neymar.

1. Neymar

The Brazillian left Messi at Barcelona to go become King of PSG. The mistake he made was to believe there’s a throne in the French Ligue One.

The mistake he made was to think football in France is taken seriously. He has soon discovered that unless you win the UCL in style, you are not counted among the super stars.

He now remembers the throne in Spain. The prince of La Liga is more regarded than the emperor of Ligue 1. He is now learning that at 28. In the scheme of things, Barca needs this prodigal player more than any other player in the world.

If the Barca board are any wiser, they can make the next window only about getting back Neymar. If this is the only player they buy with all the money they have for the transfer season plus money from Rakitic and Coutinho’s sale, then they have done well.

Neymar is the only player in the world right now that is worthy of wearing the Messi’s number 10 jersey after the argentine retires. Any other player would flop. And it could cost Barca a huge set back if they prepare for life withour Messi.

Hence, it will be a huge deal, a worthy deal, if this is the only player that comes in.

2. Pjanic

First off, it was an insult to have a rumour that tied this deal to an Arthur Melo swap. If it ever happens, I (a Barca fan) will go on a 7 days prayer and fasting until the Barca board is sacked. The young Brazilian is pure gold. He is young and needs time to grow. Yet even at his age he does well enough to remind me of Xavi.

Xavi didn’t start all glamorous. But Xavi had that potential. I see that potential in Arthur. Pjanic can only be purchased as replacement for Rakitic and Vidal. And that will make some sense.

Seeing that Rakitic is really nolonger playing with his hearts (or simply a case of dropped form) and Vidal was really never a Barca player (yes, he was one of the best player pre the covid-19 break, because he is the best fighter and presser of the side). So if they both leave, the midfield will be left with young legs — Arthur and De Jong (then oldie Busquet).

When the need arises, and when experience is needed, we would not have it if Rakitic and Vidal is no more. That explains the need for a 30-year-old Pjanic. Just for another two season before Arthur and De Jong becomes full 90 minutes back to back players. As important as this is. Remember, if Barca has Neymar (option 1). They are still good to go.

3. Aubameyang and Lautaro

Both are fantastic for the bench. While Barca wait for either Ansu Fati to develop into the expected genius or for Haaland (or someone in that category) to take over from Luiz Suarez.

So either one of them is just fine for that super sub position. Suarez is still miles ahead of them. There are not the 9s Barca needs. But they will do fine as game alternatives to Suarez.

When Luiz was in Liverpool he showed he was ready to wear Barca’s 9. His hat tricks, free kicks, golden boot, e.t.c

What has Lautaro had to show for? I rather go for an Osimehn. Victor Osimehn, at 21, has scored 32 goals since 2018. Lautaro, at 22, has scored 17 goals since 2018.

The only reason I am even subjecting Aubameyang to this pairing is because of his age. The 30 year old has scored close to 50 goals since 2018.

Xavi says Aubameyang is not a Barca type of striker. Otherwise, I’d be tempted to prefer Aubameyang. Yet in all of these we must also understand that Lautaro Martinez plays for Inter Milan (Italian Serie A) since 2018. A relatively tougher side for strikers.

Like I said, no problem! Any of them can come to the bench. But if Barca don’t have enough resources for Neymar. They can ignore all these prospects and focus resources instead on Neymar.

4. Sadio and Firmino

Sadio is a great player. I don’t know why Xavi doesnt think he is a Barca type of striker. Sadio Mane any day, all day for me. Same age with Neymar. Same age with Firmino. You get these three players. I will sell my landlord’s house and stake it on a Barca winning the Treble again anytime soon.

If the board listens to Xavi. They can look the way of Firmino. I have studied Firmino. Never knew his worth until I deliberately studied him. Firmino is not a Kevin De Bryune. You wont see those heavy commands of the midfield. What you will see is sexy play. Soft play. And those soft touches with highly intelligent play is why Mane and Salah are invisible.

And that is what will make him an instant successful pair with Messi. But I grouped these two players here because they are both very valuable to Liverpool. And it could be hard enough getting one, not to talk of getting the two.

And even at this. We are better of having Neymar alone than having both players. But having any with Neymar will works magic.

So there.

Will Barca board do the right thing?

Coutinho needs to go to United or Chelsea where he is wanted for a fee than remain in Bayern Munich (where they are stylishly taking advantage of the situation. They want another loan. For a player that really performed. It’s nonense).

Semendo is in the news. Just after developing a soft spot for him. They want to ship him out? Are the Barca board cursed?

Umtiti suddenly became ‘beans’. If they allow Mourinho, he should prefer him. Anyway I see him leaving anytime soon. But does Barca have replacement?

Dembele can not join the team now because pre Covid-19 break he was exchanged for Braithwaite. So the stubborn player who refused the swap deal for Neymar last season will wait until next year. What a terrible deal this french man have become. Would he ever justify the figures lavished on him?

Meanwhile, Jordi Alba is no longer as fast as he was. Pique is getting older. Clement Lenglet at 24 now seems to be the sharpest and best leg at the defense. Barca still get to enjoy the utility play of Sergi Roberto. He can replace Semendo or fit somewhere in the middle. Sergi is going nowhere. I see him becoming a captain of the squad some day. When Messi, Busquets, Suarez, Pique leaves, Sergi should be the next in line. Even if Neymar arrives.

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