Healing miracles, blessings at Day 1 of largest online crusade with Pastor Chris

March 18, 2023

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The much anticipated Global Healing Streams Live Healing Services with Pastor Chris got off to a glorious start with an avalanche of the miraculous characterizing day one of the programme.

Watched by billions of people across the nations and territories of the world, and translated in over 6,000 languages, the Healing Streams Live Healing Services with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome0 rekindled joy, excitement, and birth remarkable transformations in the lives of the participants who were enraptured throughout the service.

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Indeed billions around the world congregated in Physical and Virtual Centers for the 7th edition of the Live Healing Services with Pastor Chris.

In preparation for this epochal Healing Crusade, many saturated hospitals in their localities with Healing to the Nations Magazine. Others, through Healing Outreaches, placed copies of this extraordinary magazine in countless hands as they invited them to participate in the Live Healing Services with Pastor Chris.

The 14-day Road to Healing Streams featured the exploits that ministries, churches, and individuals embarked on as they prepared their environment for a time of wonders at the March 2023 Healing Streams Live Healing Services with Pastor Chris.

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Finally, the wait is over! Hours of prayers, incessant publicity on billboards, ads and more, planning, preparation and setting up of Healing Centers, and of great importance, financial partnership towards a successful event have paid off.

At exactly 3 p.m. (GMT+1), on Friday, 17 March 2023, the 7th edition of the Healing Streams Live Healing Services with Pastor Chris hit the airwaves.

The exceptional Loveworld Singers led in celestial worship as they set the tone for an outpour of the unimaginable.

The Director of Healing School, Pastor Deola Phillips welcomed the global audience to another phenomenal edition of the Healing Streams. She also reiterated God’s desire to fulfill the prophecies gone ahead in the days leading to the Live Healing Services.

“Words of prophecy have gone forth concerning this program. The Lord said through Pastor Chris, It’s going to be big; all over the world, there’s going to be shouts of rejoicing. Right from the announcement of this program, healings have been taking place, amazing life transformations have taken place”.

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The service evolved into a special highlight of the November Healing Streams Live Healing Services with Pastor Chris. Hereafter, Pastor Deola Phillips was joined on set with Rev. Tom Amenkhienan, a senior minister of the Healing School. They discussed the earth-shaking publicity that took place in preparation for the program. They also shared with the audience testimonies wrought during these pre-Healing Streams events.

An outstanding testimony was that of Pastor Kathy from Kampala, Uganda. She visited a hospital nursery in a bid to publicize the Healing Streams. There, she met a doctor trying to resuscitate a child; only to later receive news that the child was dead.

This tragic news didn’t sit well in her spirit as she was there to broadcast the glorious news of divine life. Pastor Kathy, provoked in her spirit, placed a copy of the Healing to the Nations Magazine on the child and declared life into the lifeless body.

Within 7 minutes, the child’s heart started beating and its vital organs became normal again. This left the doctor astonished. Praise the Lord!

In concluding this inspiring segment, Rev. Tom rounded up with these words, “The set time to favor Zion is now. No matter how bad the condition is, this is the day of God’s favor. Today is your day for a miracle.”

The succeeding segment was facilitated by another senior Healing School Minister, Rev. Ray Okocha host of the Healing Streams TV show, ‘How to Receive a Miracle’. Live callers from Colombia, China, Australia, Thailand, and Qatar expressed their eagerness to experience the supernatural in the Live Healing Services. Those in Colombia said, “Our expectations are very high. We are expecting to see the hand of the Lord Jesus in every participant. So He can do marvelous miracles, signs, and wonders.”

Rev. Ray revved up the faith of participants in dire need when he said, “The doctor’s report will not have the final say. All the doctor knows is not all there is to know; there is something more. If the doctor has given up on your case, God is present right where you are and his healing power will come to rest on your body and produce healing!”

A prayer session for the nations of the world followed as Rev. Ray declared righteousness and proliferation of the Gospel in every territory. What a special time it was, as citizens in various parts of the world prayed passionately for the will of God to continuously excel in their nations.

A renowned senior minister at the Healing School and host of Real Miracles Today, Evang. Dr. Eddy Owase anchored the next segment. He welcomed on set, benefactors of previous editions of the Live Healing Services who had recorded undeniable miracles.

Stephanie, a francophone from Cote d’Ivoire was one of these live testifiers. Unlike most mothers who celebrate the birth of their child, she had a critical experience; as the doctors forgot a pair of surgical scissors in her stomach after the cesarean section.

This led to perforated intestines and a series of complications; she was in dire need of a miracle. Her miracle came as she participated in the Live Healing Service, right from her hospital bed. Pastor Chris prayed for the sick and Stephanie believed with her heart, and today, the story is magnificently different!

Another emotion-stirring testimony was that of a young mother, Amaka Jacobs, whose son, Kester Jacobs was diagnosed with congestive cardiac failure and pulmonary hypertension. The symptoms surfaced when he was barely 6 months old as he experienced difficulty breathing.

Kester underwent a surgical procedure to remove adenoids, and was eventually placed on life support. It was in this state of hopelessness that the news of the November Live Healing Services got to his mother who had completely lost faith. Right there in the hospital, Kester received a miracle as Pastor Chris decreed healing to those with heart conditions! Kester became whole, and today, he can breathe, run, play, and so many other things, just like every other child.

Shouts of joy erupted everywhere, the testimonies shared were simply awe-inspiring. As this segment came to an end, Evang. Eddy wrapped up with these words, “Just the way God touched these ones, God is touching you now! No sickness or disease has a chance.”


What ensued was a moment of bliss as the Loveworld Singers led in songs of praise to the Lord Jesus Christ. Saints around the world, preparing for the second coming of Jesus Christ lifted their voices in melodious songs.

Then came the arrival of the man of God, Pastor Chris who joined in this lovely session of worship that led to the night’s sermon.

Pastor Chris taught the congregation about their life and future with Christ. This exhortation featured various truths required for Christian living.

Reading from John 1:1-18, he explained how grace and truth came by Jesus Christ. This meant that the Law of Moses did not completely reveal God. Rather, it was the coming of Jesus Christ that did the following: manifested God to us, revealed the will of God to us, and revealed the love of God to us.

Going further in this teaching, Pastor Chris read from Eccl. 3:14, enlightening the audience on this hidden truth, “Whatever God does is eternal and cannot be augmented. Whatever God does is made to last forever, nothing needs to be added, and nothing needs to be removed. This means death is not from God, God did not originate death. Jesus Christ defeated death, so we should no longer be afraid of it.”

Pastor Chris went further to encourage the viewers to learn from God’s Word how to keep their bodies in perfection, “There’s a future with God. God doesn’t want you to live an empty life. He made you perfect.”

Right after this was the greatly anticipated healing segment. It was a tremendous sight to behold. As demons fled, wheelchairs were abandoned, stretchers deserted, and the restrictions of terminal illnesses ceased to take advantage of their hosts. “Out!” “You’re free!” “Be healed!” “Let go of her!” This was all that was heard as Pastor Chris ministered to the sick, and the power of God did the rest! They were healed!

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Just as the Lord had said, “It will be an avalanche of miracles”, so it was! Testimonies poured in alarming numbers.

One of the glorious things the Lord did was the healing of 4 autistic children who participated from a school of autism in Uganda. By the end of the service, these children said the prayer of salvation clearly and responded adequately to the prayers echoing their Amens, which was impossible prior to this moment.

A lady from Thailand, who had been deaf in her left ear and required a hearing aid, also testified that her ear popped open as the man of God ministered!

The testimonies were inexhaustible and this was only the first day! As he proceeded to close the service, Pastor Chris shared another word of prophecy, “This weekend is a very special weekend. From now through Sunday, the whole weekend will be full of extraordinary miracles. It will be the center of discussion everywhere in the coming week.”

What an unforgettable experience this was! A lavish display of signs and wonders was witnessed. One can only imagine the testimonies to come as the program progresses.

We look forward to your testimony too! You can send it here: healingstreams.tv/testimonies


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