Nuances of card betting in football

July 30, 2022

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Nowadays, no one considers the card betting markets to be specific anymore. All major betting companies accept such bets in matches and every year they are more and more popular among bettors.

Have you dreamed of betting on football matches and winning a pretty penny? It’s not a pipe dream anymore. The first thing you need to do is undergo a lightning-quick Betwinner Uganda registration, aftewards you will be a full-fledged bettor who can make money from betting. You can place bets on different outcomes, a team that will score first, a possibility of a red card or penalty in an outing.

When analyzing such a betting market, it is necessary to focus on a large number of different factors, but first of all, the bettor should know the basic trends that are now available in European football.

Influence of referees

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Referees in England are more tolerant of players than in Spain or Portugal. While in the EPL one suspension is practically per 9 games, in Spain 2 suspensions are shown per 10 games. The same trend is traced to the average number of yellow cards. In EPL matches, the average number of yellow cards is 3.5, almost the same as in the Bundesliga (3.7 cards per game). In Serie A, the referees are less favorable to the players, here the average number is equal to 5 cards per game, and in the Spanish La Liga, it even reached the value of 5.5 cards per game betwinner apk.

It can also be noted that in international tournaments British and Scandinavian referees are less inclined to penalize players with cards than referees from Southern European countries. This is largely due to the difference in mentality and temperament.

Evaluating the probability of entering the bet on the yellow total, take into account these criteria.

  • The statistics of the referee. The style of refereeing is a basic factor in evaluating such a bet. Referees react differently to gross violations. Choose matches conducted by referees who show a minimum of six cautions per game.
  • The attacking tactics of the favorite team. If fast and technical soccer is preferred in the construction of attacks, the opponents will often roughly violate the rules.
  • Statistics of warnings, which are regularly received by the supporting midfielders of both teams. They interrupt the attacks at a safe distance from their own goal. Defenders are forced to play more accurately, as they violate near or within the penalty area.

Time of the year
In the first 5-7 rounds of the season, the maximum number of cards in the championships is fixed, but in the final games of the championship, on the contrary, the number of fouls per game decreases significantly. The fact of the matter is that by the end of the year many teams are already losing tournament motivation.

Defensive Forwards
Statistically, defenders get fouled twice as often as forwards. Therefore, it can be assumed that teams that play from defense get more cards, but there are exceptions to this rule.

Outsider favorites

In half of the meetings between the outsiders and the favorites the advantage in cards is on the side of the outsiders, in about a quarter of the games, the teams have an equal number of cards, and in another 25% of games, the favorites receive more cards.

In games that can be classified as derbies, the average number of cards gained per game is higher than the league as a whole. The fierce competition between the teams and the heightened demands of the fans force the players to play to win, which often results in excessive aggression on the field.

Today all bookmakers accept bets on the number of yellow cards in the match. In this case, betting companies give an average margin on this popular market and do not set strict limits. Therefore, it is possible to bet large sums. If you follow the remote betting strategy for yellow cards in soccer, stick to the principles of financial management.

Double-check the above information before betting on cards, as time is of the essence and soccer trends change regularly. Information that is relevant today may no longer have any practical value tomorrow. Keep up with the times, keep up to date with soccer events, and you will be able to have an income from sports betting!


Is it challenging to bet on cards in matches?

Before betting on yellow or red cards in a match, you need to make a meticulous analysis of the league where the teams are playing and the referee who is in charge. Usually, Britain and Scandinavian referees are lenient on players.

What European league is well-known for a vast amount of yellow and red cards?

Spanish La Liga is widely known for its highest number of cards shown per game. The ballpark figure is 5.5 cards per game, it boils down to the fact that the Spanish referees are far between lenient on La Liga players.

What European league is considered one of the most tolerant of players?

English Premier League is one of the most tolerant European football leagues. The referees rarely penalize players with yellow or red cards as they are sympathetic to the players.

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