My Irresistible Big Butt Is My Selling Point – Actress, Chioma Richard Speaks Up

February 13, 2022


Chioma Richard, the fast rising Nollywood actress, would always attract attention whenever she steps out. If it’s not for her charming beauty or classy style, it will definitely be for her frankness or acting talent.

The thespian got many eyes popping at her florescent skin at an event held recently, even as she shone like a million stars in the movie, Yahoo King.

Chioma, who dumped her business for the make-believe world, opens up in this no-holds-barred interview on her career, ideal man and turns off among others. Please enjoy it.

What actually motivated you to be an actress? 

During my teenage years, I used to dream acting alongside my Nollywood idols like Patience Ozokwor and Mercy Johnson. As a result of this, I started developing strong passion for acting.

At what point did you discover you have acting talent? 

My first audition was at Royal Palm Hotel, Aba. I was tensed because I was asked to mime a music video titled, Appreciation, and to my surprise I emerged the winner of the audition. Winning the audition boosted my confidence that in the near future, I could do well in the movie industry.

Nollywood is kind of saturated, what are your plans to overcome the ordeals and get accepted in the industry?

My plan to overcome the ordeals is to get the ability to read, understand and interpret my roles excellently, to the satisfaction of any director I work with. If I can do all these, the sky will be my limit. In the aspect of getting accepted within the industry, I am patient with everyone; most of the directors who have worked with me can testify to that. I don’t put money first in anything I do; my focus is satisfying the directors, becoming producer’s choice and being at peace with everybody I work with.

What are those unique skills you are bringing to play that may stand you out or give you recognition among the big stars in Nollywood?

Personally, I am extremely bold. I am not intimidated by anybody on set. I have no stage fright, inferiority complex or timidity. Beside that, I am a fast learner. So, with all these features, I’m hopeful of making headway in the industry by God’s grace.

In the next five years, where do you see yourself in Nollywood?

I see myself acting internationally and touching a lot of people’s lives positively.

Which are the films you have acted in? 

I have starred in nothing less than 40 movies. I can mention a few like Yahoo King, Amaka’s Fate, Canon Shot, Orphan Seven, Igbo King, The Blind And I, A Date With Fate, My Foolish Wife, Kill And Bury, Port Harcourt Husbands, and Dragon Warrior. Others are My Husband’s Scandal, Oke Ochicho, Women in Power, Priceless Maiden, The Queen Decides, Message To Mary, The Priestess, Asaba, My Sugar Mummy and so many I cannot recall now.

Of all the movies you have done, which ones are you most proud of? 

I am proud of all of them but I will give it to Yahoo King.

What makes Yahoo King so special?

Yahoo King is special because it was my first mind-blowing movie. I featured with the like of Zubby Michael and Chinenye Ubah. It was directed by one of Nollywood’s best, Ugezu J. Ugezu.

Can you play sexy roles in movies?

Why not? But that should be to some extent. My dignity as a woman is at stake, so going nude should be ruled out of it, irrespective of the money involved.

How about kissing?

I can kiss in a movie only on one condition. That is if the guy is extremely neat. I mean he must not have both mouth and body odour. It turns me off because I am allergic to bad smells. Any kind of foul smell could hinder me from interpreting my role perfectly.

Have you been in romantic position with a man with mouth odour before?

Yes, I have had an experience like that in the past but that was in a movie. As a new actress in Port Harcourt, I vividly remember acting with a guy who had mouth and body odour. As a result of this, it affected my performance to the extent that I had to tell the director that I couldn’t cope anymore, as it was a romantic role.

Were your parents on board with your career choice? 

I doubt if my dad of blessed memory would have supported me if he were alive when I started acting. But my mum also of blessed memory gave me her backing before her demise. I remember there was a time she gave me money to visit my uncle in Enugu, to go and tell him my intention of becoming an actress.

Have you ever been asked for sex in exchange for movie role? 

No one has boldly asked me for sex in exchange for role. I have never had an experience like that since I started my career as an actress.

Have you at any point in your acting career thought of quitting?

Sometimes insults from production managers, colleagues and financial issues make you think twice.

Like I said earlier, with patience you will go far in the industry. It’s the key to success.

Nollywood looks glamorous on the outside. As an insider, would you say acting is profitable?

Acting is like farming; you sow before reaping. It’s not always bed of roses in the beginning, but if you can be patient and stay focus, you will definitely reap the fruits of your labour.

What changes do you hope to see in the Nigerian film industry?

I look forward to the day when sentiments, negligence, discrimination and other ills will become a thing of the past. 

What motivates you when you are on set? 

First and foremost, God is my inspiration. The next person is my elder brother, Chika Onuzuruike for believing and standing by me. Other members of my family, friends and fans have all been motivating me as well.

What is your selling point or most attractive asset as an actress?

My greatest assets are my complexion, beautiful face and constant smiles as well as my big, natural and irresistible butt. Don’t also forget my big boobs. They are big and natural with no breast enhancement. Sometimes, my friends tell me that I am so blessed. And this has been of tremendous advantage to me as I often get sub-lead roles because of my physique.

What is the craziest thing you have done as an actress? 

That should be smoking on set.

What has been the most challenging role you have had to play and what made it memorable? 

My most challenging role was playing a doctor. It was memorable for me because I was able to use all the medical terminologies. At the end of the day, the director heaped praises on me. 

What should your fans expect from you this year? 

My social media channels will be extremely busy this year. My fans should expect new, funny and educative comedy skits and movies.


Source: Sun News

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