FRSC decries rising disregard for traffic, safety regulations

January 31, 2021

The Federal Road Safety Commission. (FRSC), Lagos Sector Command on Sunday said the Corps had noticed a rising disregard of traffic and safety regulations, especially the use of mobile phones while driving.

The Sector Commander of FRSC, CC Olusegun Ogungbemide in a statement said it had been observed with dismay the rampant use of phones by motorists while driving on the road.

According to him, traffic laws are for the safety of all road users and efforts should be made by all motorists to only do those things that can make them stay alive.

Ogungbemide said: “We have noticed a rising rate of infractions in phone or use while driving, non-use of seatbelt, rickety vehicles that are not road worthy, lane shunting and general irresponsible driving culture.

According to the National Road Traffic Regulations 2012 section 166 (1) on Use of Communication devices while driving states that- “No driver of a vehicle shall whilst the vehicle is in motion receive or make a telephone call in any form”.

It also states that “An instructor shall not make or receive telephone call in any form while supervising a learner undertaking driving lessons”

The Regulations further states that a telephone call shall include: Sending or receiving oral or written messages; Sending or receiving facsimile documents; Sending or receiving still or moving images; Accessing, surfing or browsing the internet”

The above traffic regulations are for our good.  We have lost so many drivers and other innocent people due to distraction the use of phone caused them while on the road”

“Peace loving, responsible Lagosians and road users are also passing through a lot of pains due to the actions of these few who will not obey simple regulations to keep themselves alive.

“The Command cannot watch and allow these illegals to strive in a decent environment like ours, especially as we enter the peak period of the year.

“All Lagos State Commands of the Corps have been given the mandate to nip these recklessness in the bud by getting all forms of road misconduct apprehended.”


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