Lady Exposes Motivational Speaker Sleeping With Different Girls Using Whatsapp Group

October 28, 2020

The woman made the allegation on Twitter

A motivational speaker who is using his skills the wrong way has been exposed on Twitter.

A lady identified as Peesee_ on Twitter alleged that the motivational speaker began as a social media mentor on his social media page.

According to the lady, the man began his mentorship with career development skills which he used to lure his accomplice and then recruited them into one Whatsapp group .

In her narrations, she said:

As a young girl glued to her screen while growing up. I listened to this young man a Nigerian who studied abroad. He spoke so eloquently, so passionate about wanting to develop and contribute to Nigeria.

I was so happy to be a Nigerian seeing him fly around the world to meet dignitaries like the Queen of England, The Pope, International businessmen, and the likes. I would join his live on Instagram and listen to his shot messages and it gave my spirit a lift anytime I was giving up on my dreams.

I really liked him as a mentor and he discovered I was always the first set to come online to contribute to his classes and I was added to a group chat of Intellectuals.

See me priding. Time to time he will send things for me to study and trust me way like book, I will do so It kept on for a while until I relocated to Lagos. Right before now, he notified us he wanted to contest for a particular position in the state and people rallied around him because they were ready to support him.

Na so the man begin show real colour. As election no favour am, they give him another position in the state and he needed ideas on how to move in his new office of appointment and he needed crazy deep thinkers to work with. He invited some of the intellectuals but with my kinda work, I couldn’t attend.

I reached out to him to inform him I won’t be able to make it so he said I could come around when I was free to go through what they were able to develop and I could add a thing or two.

So I looked forward to my off day and opened my mind to idea creation and development

I sell shoes @ps_wears and I love to look good, smelling nice is a norm for me, na so I set out ooo. In a pair of jean and a roundneck top.

Note before that day I have never seen him physically, never met him but I see pictures.

I got an address & took an uber there. I arrived the said location & made my way to his office.

I met his office assistant and was asked I wait, someone was in there with him.

I started pressing phone, checking Twitter and all and wrote down few safety messages on IG

Just immediately I posted it, his office door opened. He smiled at me and walked his visitor out. He came back and I was called in.

We exchanged pleasantries and he handed me the laptop to go through the ideas. They drew up beautiful content that if the state used they would achieve a lot in the sector he found himself. I was so into editing the content because it was in raw format. When he went out and came back with tea. You can’t give me a drink if I wasn’t there when you opened it or made it.

 I declined I didn’t want. We had a very interesting Conversation, an idea developed and properly written out and I was ready to leave, Lagos and traffic. I showed him and he smiled back saying nice job.

He asked when next I was free, he would love I go through some documents for presentation and I told him he could share via mail so I go through and if I feel anything should be added I will do an and inform him. He insisted I come around.

I said I would notify him if I was gonna be free on my next off day. I guard my off days because I have to cook, clean, wash and rest. I don’t joke with my off at all. Next question was what perfume do you use.

Where did you get your shoes from. I answered oo I told him I sell shoes. @ps_wears

He ashed to see what I had and I showed him. He picked 5 different classy shoes that was about 250k and made a transfer immediately.

As a business woman wey I be. I called the shop to package it immediately and deliver next morning. He asked how comfortable I was finding lagos. Lagos is fine, I’m coping.

He asked where I stay I started to wonder why the plenty question so I said I stay with my uncle & his family which wasn’t true

He asked why I didn’t get my self a house. I told him I didn’t want to rush He stated telling me he will get a houe for me in Lekki, infact buy me a car, get a maid for me to help with cleaning. Take me on vacation to Dubia and any country of my choice.

You need to see me evaluating If the man was high on his tea. He asked if I have passport or he will call his contact in immigration to start processing one.

Asin I just open my waist purse remove my pin knife hold, set my pepper spray so one hand I go pepper him face if he comes close.

I was irritated but I was calm. He kept blabbing about how he has toured nations of the world, who he knows bla bla bla.All that one was for me to fall for him. Ogbeni thought he was talking to some desperate chick who wants to gumbody to him to look successful. Little did he know.

Told me my kind of lady deserves an elderly man to shower her with love, attention, money & besides I’m very intelligent. He will hook me up with several people who will need my idea creation & I will make money.

I was now getting bored. I couldn’t hide my facial disgust anymore. That I was a beautiful black glowing lady. And that I should be happy someone of his class and status is showing interest in me werey was feeling himself I just took my phone looked at my man’s picture and said Zhaddy this one done fuckup.

Your baby girl is just for you and you alone. He asked what that meant & I told him to take a look at the picture. He did. I told him I have to leave because all he said isn’t related to idea creation. I stood up to leave after collecting my phone. He stood us and wanted to touch me. Telling me there is no point going home that day.

I spinned my knife sharply. That he has an executive room in one of the most beautiful hotels in Lagos. That we could spend the night there Werey still get mouth. I told him to sit down.

He had no choice when he saw pepper spray, he said he has asthma. I told him then cooperate.

I was still wondering how alot of ladies would have falling victim of this man. I just left after being speechless. Nothing could drop from my mouth.

I waited for my uber to come pick me and I left for home. He started calling. Begging that he knows I was disappointed but I shouldn’t blame him. That I was a ine lady and that he is very careful of ladies he relates with. Omo I didn’t know when I shouted shutthefuckup. Even the uber driver self fear I ended the call.

While on my trip home I was really worried because poverty rate in Nigeria has made this people think they can use sweet words to tell advantage of young girls who look up to them immediately I looked at the group of Intellectuals.

Only to discover they were all female I sat up again and I became very very confused. 15 young ladies. Are you thinking what I’m thinking. I decided to become an active member of the group because I had an aim.

What was going on with this women? Is this situation only happening to me or have this girls gone through the same thing. I was very very scared but trust me I as willing to kno more. Sincerely most of them are very very intelligent, beautiful and ladies that can easily intimidate you with the kind of intelligence and choice of words.

The kind of ladies that will sweep you off your feet because of who sound they are. But most have bee at one point in their lives been seriously hurt by men, they have been used, lied to and told they were too smart to be gfs or wives.

I became friends with them by telling them how beautiful they were, I discovered they fell for words and I knew something more was happening. They all went to dinners with this man as idea Assistant  I was curious to ask how the night turned out after the even but none

of them wanted to talk about it.

He was so smart that they were all friends and never thought they were all being used. He played them all smartly taking turns to which one suits his desires and they kept it hidden

He made everyone believe in themselves. They all felt very special, very very unique because he reassures them daily.

He tried removing me from the group but I was added back by the girls. He knew trouble was about to start.  He took this girls on several trips outside the country & none of them had a clue of what was going on.

One day we had a disagreement in the group and some of them started calling themselves names.

it was evident some of them knew they were sharing the man. But they didn’t want to miss out of the goodies. I even got to know one was married. And she was still that close to him 

He kept calling me regularly to beg I forgive him and when the fight in the group stated he needed someone to talk to. He claimed he needed help. Me I’m not interested in helping because that could be an opportunity to do his evil ways I told him to look elsewhere.

The group scattered when I showed them his chat. Calling them easy women. They felt hurt and started leaving the group. He saw what I did and called me to vent. Werey didn’t know the girls were with me. They told him they’re coming for him

If 16 ladies plan for you it takes the grace of God for you to escape it. Little did I know they were others before I joined the group. They reached out to others, some married, some single working class ladies, some children of his bosses in politics, one who lost her womb to abortion When I heard their stories I went speechless.

They traced his wife only to find out madam knew her husband wasn’t faithful and that as payback none two of his kids were that of her lover. Oga got to know when this girls visited him to tell his wife about him. She told him cheating can be done by all gender. You played me for 10years thinking you’re smart. I played you for 7 years successfully having you raise someone’s children.

Na so party scatter. My girls are now free from a mentor who took advantage of them. His home is on fire. The girls whose parents brought him into politics are out for him. They don’t want to be called out but they gave consent to me writing this.

Not everyone who speaks good English, writes well, talks eloquently and stands for something good is a mentor. Some mentorship should never get physical. It should be penpal standards Arm your self with discipline so sugar coated mentors don’t lead you to destruction.

Don’t pick the fast way to success. It may be your greatest mistake.

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