Horror! Woman Mauled By A Jaguar While Trying To Take Selfie With It At A Zoo (Photos)

March 15, 2019

A woman who was mauled by a jaguar at a zoo after she attempted to take a selfie with the big cat has said “I learned my lesson”.

Named only as Leanne, she was pictured screaming while blood poured from wounds on her arm after the attack at Wildlife World Zoo near Phoenix, Arizona on Saturday.

Leanne, aged in her 30s, has admitted she made a mistake after climbing over the security barrier while attempting to take a selfie with the black jaguar.

She told CBS News“The black jaguar was up against the fence. We happened to be walking by and said ‘hey, let’s get some good pictures.’

“I never expected this. I feel like we’re all human, we make mistakes and I learned my lesson.

“I was in the wrong for leaning over the barrier, but I think the zoo should consider moving their fence back.”

Blood gushes from the woman’s wounds after the big cat attacked her at the Wildlife World Zoo near Phoenix, Arizona

Leanne was rushed to hospital with “stable, non-life threatening injuries” after the horror mauling at the zoo.

She was released the next day after her wounds were stitched up and bandaged.

But Leanne believes that it’s only a matter of time before someone else is attacked at the zoo.

She said: “Anybody can reach out. I’m not the first, and if they don’t move the fence, I’m probably not going to be the last.”

It has since emerged that a man named Jeff Allen was attacked by the same jaguar last year – after he stuck his arm out over the barrier.

He told ABC15: “I never climbed over a barrier. I never stepped over a barrier. I was behind the barrier and just reached my arm out.”

On Saturday, witnesses said they heard Leanne “screaming for help” as the big cat attacked her.

She now admits she made a mistake by climbing over the barrier at the zoo

Footage filmed by one witness shows the bleeding woman writhing with pain with severe lacerations to her arm.

Wildlife World Zoo spokeswoman Kristy Morcom said the barrier, which is three-feet high and four-feet away from the enclosure’s fence, meets federal safety guidelines.

She added: “We are taking into consideration all aspects of safety pertaining to this exhibit as well as throughout the entire park because that is our biggest concern.

“People need to respect the barriers and understand they are put in place for the safety of everyone.”

Posting on Twitter, zoo bosses said: “We can promise you nothing will happen to our jaguar.

“She’s a wild animal and there were proper barriers in place to keep our guests safe- not a wild animals fault when barriers are crossed. Still sending prayers to (the woman) and her family.”


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