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Cosmas Madua­buchukwu Maduka, the Chairman, Chief Executive Officer of Coscharis Group of Compa­nies, was born to late Pa Peter and Madam Rose Maduka of Nnewi, Nnewi South Local
Government Area of Anambra State on December 24, 1958.

Cosmas lost his father at the age of four consequently, he did not have the opportunity of acquiring formal education. Madam Rose Maduka, Cosmas’ mother who fried bean cake (Akara) could not cope with the hard condition brought upon the young family by the death of their bread winner . Cosmas assisted the mother in her little business. He also learnt how to cut palm fronds and earned little money from that. When he was in elementary three, Cosmas’ mother had to withdraw him from school because she could no longer afford to pay his school fees, putting into consideration the fact that she had to care for a total of four children. The situation made Cosmas to become a bread winner at the age of seven.

In the year 1970, at a very tender age of seven, Cosmas was sent to be an apprentice trader to his uncle at Ebute-Metta, Lagos. At the age of nine, Cosmas could effectively master his craft and travelled alone to Nnewi to purchase goods on behalf of his uncle. When he was 14, his uncle was very confident of him that he could send him to work in one of the branches in Sokoto and later in Nnewi. ­
Cosmas’ uncle then had no apartment as he was squatting with someone. Consequently, Cosmas was sleeping in the shop. The funniest aspect of the whole thing was that when at the end of each day they close the business, Cosmas would be locked inside the shop by his uncle who would go home with the key. He only came out when the shop is opened the following day. Assuming there was fire incident in any of those days, Cosmas wouldn’t be alive today. He takes his bath in an open place and was mocked by school children while bathing.

His uncle sacked him from his business for attending a church program. It so happened that In 1975, at the age of 14, while still at Nnewi, Cosmas attended a church camp pro­gramme. When his uncle returned and discovered that he was not around, he became angry, and sent for him. When he came, his uncle gave him N200.00, and asked him to go and concentrate on his new-found faith. Cosmas never considered that incident the end of the road, neither did he despair. He rather moved on, believing that tomorrow holds much promises for him.
After collecting the money from his uncle, Cosmas teamed up with his elder brother who had finished his apprenticeship and was ready to set up a company. So, they set up a company called Maduka Brothers which dealt on spare parts. The partnership did not eventually last long .At that time, the N200 had increased to three hundred, and Cosmas used it to start his own motor spare-parts business, which he called Coscharis Motors. This is how the multi-billion Naira company, Coscharis Motors was built.

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