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Chinua Achebe

Posted by Webby on 3/11/2001 5:51:16 AM

Chinua Achebe

Professor Chinua Achebe is a world-acclaimed novelist, university don and author of many books, including the classic "Things Fall Apart", is Nigeria and Africa's most celebrated author and poet.

His critically acclaimed book, "The Trouble with Nigeria", depicted the atrocities of a military kleptocracy similar to those that have dominated Nigeria's politics since independence. Amongst his array of awards and honour is an honorary doctorate of letters by Trinity College, Hartford, Connecticut, US, as a celebration of his accomplishments as a writer and teacher.

"Things Fall Apart", published in 1958 which marked the arrival of African writing on the literary stage, remains one of the most widely recommended and read books in the world and has been translated into several languages.

He was awarded the NNOM in 1979.