Posted by on 2/6/2003 11:25:05 AM

As already highlighted, Oyo State is blessed with some of the best human and material resources in the country. The prospects for the future are very bright in the State if these resources are appropriately harnessed for development. One basic factor underlying the richness in the quality of human and manmade resources is the high level of public enlightenment in the state.

Education, for the different school going ages as well as adult education, have greatly contributed to manpower development in the state. The prospects for sustaining the momentum are brighter and stronger, with the reintroduction of free education at the primary level through the recent programme for Universal Basic Education announced by the Federal Government; and the implementa tion of a Free Education policy at the Secondary level by the current State Government.

It is hoped, however, that appropriate steps will be taken by both the Federal and State governments to ensure an uninterrupted school calender and the promotion of industrial harmony, by sustaining the current levels of governmental support for the Educational sector in the state.

The maintenance of the technical schools, polytechnic, colleges of education and the Ladoke Akintola University of Technology will continue to increase the mediumand highlevel manpower in the state. There is a high correlation between a sustained education policy and the level of health of any community. Organised educational policy enhances public enlightenment and consequently helps in the maintenance of improved health of the people.

The high literacy level in Oyo State, coupled with the re introduction of free health programme for all citizens of the state, will enhance the quality of life of the people. It is hoped that the Primary Health Care Programme focusing more on preventive rather than curative health delivery will receive greater boost during the first decade of the new millennium.

The increase in the number of roads to be rehabilitated or reconstructed within the state by the Federal and state governments as announced in their budgets for the year 2000 is expected to have positive impact on mobility of the people for tourism and recreation as well as commerce and industrial developments in the state.

It is particularly expect ed to aid the flow of information and provide impe tus for the greater opening up of the rural areas for social and economic development. Such an improvement of the rural environment has great prospects for reducing the rate of influx into the urban centres, aiding population redistribution in the state, and halting the development of primacy feature of some cities in the state.

The reconstruction of the OyolseyinShaki road is expected to enhance better distribution of agricultural products from that area which is regarded as the 'food basket' of the state. It is also expected to open up the Hanging Lake at AdoAwaye and the Old Oyo National Park to improved tourism development.

The development of the lbadanOyoOgbo mosollorin road into a dual carriage way will con siderably improve the link between the southwesi and the northern states of the country. Such a development will also result in the drastic reduction of road accidents for which that stretch of the high way is notorious.

The long period of military rule in the country has had some negative effects on investments due to uncertainty in policies and performance in the economic sector generally in the country. The onsel of democratic governance has raised the prospects for a favourable investment climate in the state. Investors can now seize the opportunity offered by the accesibility to different types of natural raw materials and mineral resources to invest in agro allied, mineral based, forest based .