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Oyo State is blessed with a variety of natural resources that could be utilized as inputs in the economic development of the state. Their locations are widespread over all parts of the state.

Agriculture, Forestry And Other Basic Activities: The major agricultural products could be divided into trees, roots and cereals. Cocoa, kolanut, cashew nuts, citrus fruits, palms and rubber are the main tree crops cultivated in the forest zones in the southern parts of the state, notably in lbadan-lbarapa, Southern-Oyo and the river basins and isolated pockets of forests of Ogo-Otuwa and Oriire Local Government areas in Ogbomoso.

Yam and cassava are the major root crops, while maize and millet are the predominant cereals culti vated in the savannah areas of the state, namely in Oyo, Oyo North and Ogbomoso. The citrus family (oranges and pineapples) are particularly predominant in lbarapa, Oluyole and Afijio Loca Government areas of the state. The lumbering industry is a potent source of income for the state govenment. The major trees include Mahogany, Obeche, Opepe, Iroko and Afara.

Cattle rearing, mainly by the Fulani who shif their location, is a feature identified with the savan nah areas in Ogbomoso, Oyo, lseyin, Kajola anc other parts of Oyo North. In addition, organised livestock development is receiving positive attention by the state govenment. The major centres for live stock and poultry development are located a Fasola, Saki, Oyo and lwo Road in lbadan.

A variety of animals including pigs, geese, sheep, goats ducks, turkey and rabbits, apart from poultry, are bred in these centres. The Oyo State Government also maintains ranches in Fasola, Saki and lwo Road, where dairy products are extracted. The increase in the development of boreholes from 853 in 1985 to about 2,360 in 1993 has greatly faciltated developments in the agricultural programme of the state, particularly in the area of domestic water supply to the farming population and also for irrigation projects.

The impact of the defunct Directorate of Food, Roads and Rural Infrastructure (DFRRI) greatly facilitated agricultural development, particularly as it was recorded that ninetyfour towns and villages in Oyo State were provided with electricity and about 3,000 kilometres of rural feeder roads were constructed.

Mineral Resources: Mineral resources include Amphibolites, Marble, Dolomite and Talc. The state is also generously endowed with soil-based resources which include granite chips, red clay , sand and gravel that have high potentials in the construction industry .