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Education: Among the states of the Federation, Ondo State is one of
those with the largest number of public primary and secondary schools. There
are over 880 public primary schools and over 190 pub lic secondary schools spread
all over the state. There are five other state unity secondary schools and two
Federal unity secondary schools at Akure and Idoani. There are also several
private nursery and primary schools in many towns.

For example, Akure township alone has more than sixty of these schools. Secondary
education is also in the hands of private individuals, agencies and organisations
especially in Akure, Ondo, Owo and lkare. There are also Continuing Education
Centres for Senior Secondary Certificate (SSC) Examinations in all major towns
of the state. It is heartening that the products of these secondary schools
are well pro vided for, as many tertiary institutions have been established
to cater for them as shown in Table 28.3.

Healthcare Delivery: Various categories of health and medical facilities
exist in the state belonging to governments, religious organisations and private
individuals. Once, there used to be free medical services for all people below
the age of eighteen years. However, the present administra tion in the state
has promised free medical care for

I There is a Federal Medical Centre at Owo. The state government has specialist
hospitals at Akure, i lkare and Ondo while it has established general . hospitals
at Idanre, lgbaraOke, lleOluji and f Okitipupa. There is a government psychiatric
hos 3 pital at Akure. Besides, there are several private I fullfledged hospitals
especially in Akure, Ondo, E Owo, lkare and Okitipupa; and in other Local government
headquarters and other towns.

Next in the category of hospitals are the primary health centres with consulting
medical doctors. There are over fif i teen of such, including mobile ones for
the riverine areas of the state. LGAs operate dispensaries and maternity homes
in all towns and many villages.

Mass Media: In order to disseminate informa 3 tion and to provide entertainment,
the state has the Radiovision Corporation with the Radio Complex at Oballe near
Akure and the Television House at OritaObele, Akure. Besides the Government
Press at the Ministry of Information, there is a government owned publishing
company which publishes a daily newspaper, Owens News. The state is also a r
major partner of the Daily Sketch Organisation. Furthermore, most newspapers
and weekly maga zines have distribution centres and agencies in all the towns
of the state.

Water Supply and Electrification Projects: The marked improvement in
the provision of potable water and electricity in the state has to do with the
activities of Ondo State Water Corporation, the establishment of DFRRI and,
in recent times, PTF. These establishments have, at various times, all been
actively involved in the provision of these amenities.

Today, all major urban centres and towns have potable water. Many villages
have benefited ~ from over twentyfive water schemes operated by 5 Ondo State
Water Corporation. For instance, the ' little Ose River Water Supply Project
serves not less than sixtysix towns and villages in Akoko and '' Owo areas and
part of Ekiti State. Borehole ' schemes have been established in many towns
s including Owo, Odelrele, llutitun, Okeluse and Ute s (Ondo State Water Corporation,

The State government continues to execute its r various phases of electrification
Programmes for towns and villages. Indeed, a lot of improvement has been made
in the electrification of major streets in urban centres while rural areas still
attract a lot of attention.

Banking and other Financial Institutions: Banking and other financial
services are now available in many communities in the state as a result of the
efforts of the federal and state governments, and private organisations and
individuals. The national rural banking policy, the establishment of "
the People's Bank of Nigeria and the Community Banks have helped to bring banking
services to many settlements in the state.

Furthermore, the state Government went into banking business with a foreign
partner in 1982 and established the Owena Bank PLC with its headquarters in
Akure and with branches in most LGA headquarters of Ondo and Ekiti States, and
in other cities such as Lagos, lbadan, Abeokuta, Kaduna, Osogbo and PortHarcourt.
Other financial institutions include Finance Houses for loans and mortgage,
Insurance Companies and Brokers, and a government owned Pools Betting and Lotteries
Agency (Ministry of Finance & Economic Planning, 1982).

Transport and Communications: At the inception of Ondo state in 1976,
it was maintaining a total of 1,868km of roads. By 1980, the total length reached
3,093km and, by 1992, it was over 5,970km. In the present Ondo State and with
the activities of PTF and World Bank Assisted Road Projects, many more roads
have been constructed, while many rural areas now have access routes.

The most significant aspect of road development in Ondo state is their quality,
as most roads have been taken over and tarred by the Federal Government e.g.
AkureOwolkare, AkureOndo et cetera. The state is also involved in constructing
all weather roads. Local Governments have also shown keen interest in tarring
both township and intersettle ment routes within their jurisdiction. As stated
ear lier, the contributions of DFRRI, PTF and the World Bank in the opening
up of rural areas and the reha bilitation of existing roads, are substantial.

If all these are added together, the total length of roads in Ondo State at
present approaches 4,950km. Ondo State, as a beneficiary of the nationwide Mass
Transit Programme, launched its Owena Mass Transit scheme for both intra and
interstate commuters. This programme has gone a long way to solve transportation
problems in the state.

It is noteworthy that most LGAs have started operating their own Mass Transit
schemes, for both intra and interstate transportation. There is an airport at
Akure, which is yet to be operational. When operational, it will serve as a
quick link between the state and other parts of the country. The state's NIPOST
headquarters is at Akure, while Zonal offices are at Ondo, Okitipupa, Owo and
lkare. By 1991, NITEL had connected seven settlements with telephone services.
These are Akure, Idoani, lfon, lkare, Okitipupa, Ondo and Owo.

Tourism and Recreation: A variety of tourist attractions abound in
the state. Among the leading spots are the historic Idanre Hills with guest
houses built by the government. Others are Ayetoro Community of Holy Apostles,
the Owo Museum of Antiquities, Oke Maria at OkaAkoko, Ebomi Lake at IpesiAkoko
and lho Eleru at Isarun.

The state government, as far back, as 1988 commenced beautification projects
in the major towns of the state. These projects are intended to brighten the
dull outlook of the environment. The projects, include the erection of historic
and cultural statutes, water fountains, planting of ornamental flowers and recreation

All these have pro vided the necessary aesthetic attractions for tourists
visiting the state. Hotel services are readily available in major towns and
in most of the LGA headquarters. The state owns a hotel, Owena Motels Ltd.,
located at Akure.

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