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The natural resource endowment of the state includes land, water, mineral, forest and agricultural resources. Available forest and agricultural prod ucts are shown on Table 27.2. These include forest products obtained by lumbering, especially in ljebu East, ljebuNorth, ljebu NorthEast and Ogun Waterside LGAs.

Other plant (cash) crops such as rubber, cocoa, kolanut, citrus fruits, palm produce are available in these LGAs shown in Table 27.2. The LGAs in the northern savanna of the state produce crops such as tubers, grains, sugar cane. Ogun Waterside and other rivers in the state also produce fish abundantly. All these are resources that have been exploited for the development of the state.

Agriculture, Forestry and Other Basic Activities: There are four government agencies which facilitate the extension of modem agricultural techniques and practices to all the rural areas of the state, namely: Agricultural Development Agency (ADA), Agro Services Corporation (ASC), Ogun State Agricultural Development Project (OGADEP) and Ogun State Forestry Plantation.

These agencies have worked with farmers over the years and they have promoted the development of agriculture in the state The state has at least 154 fish ponds. The defunct DFRRI and the State Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources assisted the fishing activi ties in the state. Much more has to be done, however, to realise the commercial fishing.

Mineral Resources: Ogun State has mostly non-metalliferous or industrial minerals. These include limestone, gypsum, kaolin, feldspar, phosphate in Egbado North and South and Sagamu; mica, glass sand, clay granite in Abeokuta North, Abeokuta South and AdoOdo/Ota; tar sand, kaolin, clay and phosphate in Ikenne, ljebuEast, ljebu : North, ljebuOde, ObafemiOwode and Ogun Waterside LGAs .

Local Sourcing of Raw Materials: Forest, agricultural and mineral resources in the state provide the much needed local sources of raw materials for industries. Grains (maize, rice and others), cocoa, kolanut, coconut, fruits, vegetables, oil palm and rubber provide adequate raw materials for several agrobased industries .

such as fruit canning, cereals, flour, beverages, other food processing industries, tyres and other rubber manufacturing industries, while forest products provide wood for plywood and other wood industries for producing such items as tooth pick, matches and various household utensils.

Foliage, barks and roots of trees and some minerals provide materials for pharmaceutical and chemical industries. lwopin Paper Mill which produces fine paper in large quantities was based there because of the available forest materials in the locality of the industry.

Cement manufacturing plants at Ewekoro and Sagamu were based on the available limestone and other components in the state. Glass sand, feldspar and clay which are available in the state would supply the required raw materials for glass, ceramics and pottery industries, while kaolin is an important raw material for making chalk, paint, kaolin poltice and Plaster of Paris (POP).

Industrial Potentials and Development: Availability of forest, agricultural and mineral resources in the state, access to a large pool of ) skilled manpower, the presence of water and electric power supply, incentives by successive governments and the locational advantage of the state, all make it a favoured location for several kinds of industrial establishments.

There are, at present about 158 manufacturing plants in the state and AdoOdo/Ota LGA has fortyfive percent of the total, while Abeokuta, Sagamu and ljebuOde LGA ; groups together have about forty percent of the total. The remaining plants are in some rural centres (i.e, Remo North, ljebuNorth, lfo LGAs).

Six out of the identified groups of industries make up 129 plants (81.65%) of the total number of i industries in the state. These are: chemical products; fabricated metal products; food, bever ages and tobacco products: domestic/industrial plastic and rubber products; electrical and electronic products and pulp, paper products, printing and publishing Ogun State government, 1993).

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